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December 2010/Tevet 5771 Edition

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Winter Convention 2010

Holiday Greetings From The Godol and N'siah

8th Graders...It is your time!

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Winter Convention 2010

By David Skwiersky (Teen Leader)

Over the weekend of December 10th, 2010 BBYO took over 400 Jewish teens to Ellenville, New York for Winter Convention 2010, themed SURVIVOR.  This was the largest convention in Nassau Suffolk Region’s recent history. It was a weekend to be remembered by everyone who was there. It was a weekend where Jewish teens from all over Long Island came together to share one experience. The weekend consisted of exciting programs, brilliant and moving speakers, and memories that will last a lifetime. We had a holocaust survivor, Trudy Album, share her life with us. You could see and feel the impact she was making on all of the teens, with every word she spoke. She gave us the gift of her story, a story we must now pass on.  Next we had Ethan Zohn who is not only a winner of Survivor (the T.V. show), but also a survivor of cancer. He spoke to us about his life, and how being Jewish helped him be a better person and a winning contestant on Survivor. He taught us that in order to make a difference for ourselves, we must make a difference for others. Every minute of this weekend was filled with laughter from the morning to the night! Just by looking at all the teen’s faces you could see how much fun they all had. When it was time to leave, people left with best friends and great memories that will change them forever.



Holiday Greetings From the Godol and N'siah

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the Nassau Suffolk Region we would like to thank all of you for making this year in BBYO possible. Without you, the parents, BBYO would not exist. We would not have been able to have any of our amazing events this year such as our Kickoff Dance at Strike 300 Bowling, our AIPAC meeting with Congressman Steve Israel or our most recent event, Winter Convention with over 400 teens.  Thank you for always opening your homes so that our chapters have a place to meet. We have had the chance to meet many of your kids, and we know that the amazing experiences that they are having in this organization can all be attested to you. We hope you all had a wonderful Hanukkah and have a great holiday season and a very happy new year. Thank you again for your continued support of BBYO on Long Island and of your teens.

Dan Weissman, Regional Godol (Boys president)
Natalie Birnbaum, Regional N’siah (Girls president)


8th Graders...It is your time!

With an 85-year track record shaping the lives of teens, BBYO has a network of 250,000 alumni, many of whom are leaders in their fields, including top business executives, entrepreneurs and even Congressmen and women. Now that your teen is finishing their eighth grade year, we’d like to invite him or her to follow in their footsteps.

As the leading pluralistic Jewish teen movement, BBYO helps parents raise confident, engaged, well-prepared teenagers. How? First, we understand teens. We get the obsession with Facebook and texting, the stress that comes with getting into college and the need to find a place where teens can be themselves. And, we provide opportunities for teens to have fun within a comfortable, inclusive environment where lifelong friendships, skills and value systems are developed.

What’s great about BBYO for today’s teen is that it’s customizable. Our renowned leadership offerings through AZA (BBYO’s boys’ chapters) and BBG (BBYO’s girls’ chapters) empower teens to lead their own programs. BBYO also offers opportunities for teens to get involved with premier service and advocacy through the PANIM Institute, learn more about their Jewish heritage and perhaps most important – given the pressure on teens today – enjoy down time in a safe space. The BBYO experience also grows as teens grow. Teens who are involved in BBYO for all four years enjoy the benefits of an easier transition into high school, assistance with the college admissions process and valuable connections to BBYO alumni on college campuses and in the professional world. BBYO is also a year-round experience with more than a dozen opportunities during the summer to hone leadership skills, get hands-on service experience and travel the world through programs such as Passport to the World, which offers trips to Israel, Europe and Central and North America.

8th graders can join BBYO starting January 1st. Please watch out for local parent meetings in your area or contact to find out dates and locations of these meetings.


BBYO Teen on MTV Season Finale

Buried Life Image

Find Out What Wish Came True for an AZA Teen: Watch an interview with Lucas Lendenbaum sharing his experience as a featured guest on the season finale of MTV’s “The Buried Life.”

Last spring the four young stars of MTV’s documentary “The Buried Life” spoke at BBYO’s East Coast Kallah Convention. Their message reflected the focus of their television series which features their attempts to live out their dreams today and not get buried in the typical paths most people take in life, while at the same time recognizing the importance of giving back and helping to make dreams come true for the people they meet along the way.  Before wrapping up their remarks at Kallah, they opened up a question to the crowd of 450 teens asking them, “If you could do one thing before you die, what would it be?”

Lucas Lendenbaum, 16, of Gaithersburg, MD walked onto to the stage, took the microphone and with one brief and emotional sentence stated his wish: "My Dad doesn't have a home, and I just want him to have a home."Six months later, the cast from “The Buried Life” decided to make Lucas’s wish part of their season finale episode on November 29. Immediately following the show BBYO aired a live webcast with Lucas, allowing BBYO teens from around the world to ask him questions and hear his reflections on the experience and what it has meant to his family.

Click here to learn more, including links to watch the Season Finale on and the recorded interview with Lucas.

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Are you or your child a BBYO junior or senior? As part of our commitment to our members and supporters, we are conducting research to study the value of our programs. Your input will provide us with valuable understanding of what people enjoy about BBYO and where improvements can be made. Participate in our survey and you can enter to win a $100 gift card!


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  • March of the Living: Experience a two-week, life-altering journey where teens bear witness to the destruction of the Holocaust in Poland followed by a celebration of the State of Israel in the Jewish Homeland. Sophomores are eligible for $1,000 off!

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  • AZA & BBG's Flagship Leadership Development and Judaic Identity programs: CLTC, ILTC and Kallah.
  • Summer of Impact experiences through the PANIM Institute of BBYO. Serve new communities and make a real difference in Boston, D.C., the Southwest and Israel!
  • Passport to the World, BBYO's global travel program, taking teens to more than 16 countries around the world.

Click here to check out BBYO's Interactive Brochure of Summer Experiences for 2011 featuring videos, photo albums, scholarship information, Facebook quizzes, and more!


  • Panim el Panim: Receive advocacy training, participate in service learning and have the opportunity to lobby your elected officials on Capitol Hill -- all in a few days!
  • Double Impact Scholarship: Earn a 50 percent scholarship towards the tuition of a domestic Summer of Impact experience and 25 percent towards Impact: Israel by performing 60 hours of community service during the school year!

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