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Winter Convention 2010

Winter Convention 2010…WHAT A WEEKEND! Planned by Brett Kirschner and Cara Sherman along with their steering committee, successfully planned and executed WInter Convention 2010.

The programs were fun and intense, the dance was incredible, and the brotherhood and sisterhood in the hotel on that weekend was through the roofs!

They managed so get some truly inspirational speakers at Winter Convention 2010. Ethan Zohn, winner of the reality TV show survivor, spoke about his struggles during the show and his struggle with cancer. We also heard from Trudy Album, a holocaust survivor who told us about her life before, during, and after her time in the concentration camps in Europe. Both speakers were true inspirations and the stories they shared were truly phenomenal.

At the end of the day, Winter Convention had it all. It was a weekend that will live on in NSR history as one of the largest regional conventions we have ever held. The only true way to describe Winter Convention 2010, is that it was a perfect 10.

Winter Convention 2010

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