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Regional Board

The Regional Board consists of leaders elected by the members of BBG and AZA, and come from any of the chapters that are a part of Wisconsin Region. These teens lead the region and assist the chapters with programming, membership, and other important aspects of chapter functioning.

Wisconsin Region elects both a BBG and AZA Regional Board, who service from May to May. We elect the same 6 positions per board as the chapter have.

The 2014-2015 AZA Regional Board
Aleph Godol- Aaron Glazer
Aleph S'gan- Matt Levy
Aleph Moreh-Zev Woskoff
Aleph Shaliach- Daniel Zvi
Aleph Mazkir- Sam Scribner
Aleph Gizbor- Brad Sadoff
Aleph Kohane Godol- Ryan Brink

The 2014-2015 BBG Regional Board
Regional N'siah- Hilary Miller
Regional S'ganit- Jane Feldmesser
Regional MIT Mom- Elle Sinykin
Regional Sh'licha- Lauren Silber
Regional Mazkirah- Allie Marcus
Regional Gizborit- Hannah Paley
Regional Madricha- Molly Kazan

The 2013-2014 AZA Regional Board
Aleph Godol- Ryan Brink
Aleph S'gan- Sam Moser
Aleph Moreh-Ben Steigman
Aleph Shaliach- Zev Woskoff
Aleph Mazkir- Aaron Glazer
Aleph Gizbor- Avi Greenspan
Aleph Kohane Godol- Gabe Jacobs

The 2013-2014 BBG Regional Board
Regional N'siah- Molly Kazan
Regional S'ganit- Andi Heffez
Regional MIT Mom- Eva Schwarz
Regional Sh'licha- Hannah Sprung
Regional Mazkirah- Sara Miller
Regional Gizborit- Hilary Miller
Regional Madricha- Talia Berman

The 2012-2013 AZA Regional Board
Aleph Godol- Gabe Jacobs
Aleph S'gan- Ben Henken
Aleph Moreh-Brad Honigberg
Aleph Shaliach- Avi Greenspan
Aleph Mazkir- Sam Moser
Aleph Gizbor- Ryan Brink
Aleph Kohane Godol- Zach Rosen

The 2012-2013 BBG Regional Board
Regional N'siah- Talia Berman
Regional S'ganit-Micki Bear
Regional MIT Mom- Oren Sasson
Regional Sh'licha- Anya Vlasoff
Regional Mazkirah-Jessie Bekker
Regional Madricha- Michelle Shtivelberg

The 2010-2012 AZA Regional Board
Aleph Godol- Zach Rosen
Aleph Moreh- Jake Kupferman
Aleph Shaliach- David Rechavel
Aleph Mazkir- David Hermanoff
Aleph Gizbor- Gabe Jacobs
Aleph Kohane Godol- David Urintsev

The 2010-2012 BBG Regional Board
Regional N'siah- Michelle Shtivelberg
Regional S'ganit- Melissa Margolis
Regional MIT Mom- Erin Miller
Regional Sh'licha- Zoe Russek
Regional Mazkirah- Jodi Stern
Regional Gizborit- Elyce Heffez
Regional Madricha- Sadie Teper

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