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AZA and BBG Shabbat 2011


AZA and BBG Shabbat are international initiatives that will be united on the same date for the first time this November 11th and 12th. While these Shabbat experiences will be on the same date, AZA and BBG will be able to decide on a local level what their experience will look like whether it is partnering with each other, chapter specific programming, community-wide with BBYO stakeholders present, or any combination.

Thank you to all of the 750 teens who cast their votes for the 2011 AZA and BBG Shabbat themes. A special shout out to our friends in Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and Macedonia who voted from overseas! The themes for this year are:

AZA Shabbat- L’Dor V’Dor “From Generation to Generation”

In AZA, as with Judaism, we shoulder and celebrate rich, time-honored traditions passed down to us from those who came before. This Shabbat can be about honoring our flavorful 87 years of fraternity and tradition, not to mention this will be a great opportunity to invite one or both parents to experience what AZA is all about.

BBG Shabbat- L’Dor V’Dor Anachnu Mishpacha “From Generation to Generation, We Are Family”

One of the most unique and incredible aspects of BBG is the community that is built within, both locally and globally. With the central theme of “From Generation to Generation, We Are Family,” BBG Shabbat may explore traditions of both BBGs and the Jewish people, recognizing the progress women have been making for centuries. This theme will present the opportunity to highlight globalization efforts, focus on the customs of the Jewish people, and celebrate the family both in individual communities and around the International Order.

Beyond voting for the themes, teens from around the globe helped create the related resources. Check them out!


We want a photo of everyone at your AZA or BBG Shabbat event! Print out this sign, add the name of your city, chapter, region or whoever you are celebrating with so we can identify where you are.  Tweet, Facebook or email your photo to (before or during Shabbat in a Shabbat friendly way.) to show your Global BBYO Shabbat spirit!

General Resources for Shabbat Planning:

General Shabbat Logistics Planning Handbook
General Shabbat Programming Handbook
Shabbat Stories and Storytelling Handbook
Shabbat in the Holocaust

Friday Night Services

AZA Shabbat Intro Speech

BBG Legacies of Strong Jewish Women
BBG Globalization Themed
BBG Family Themed

Want to create your own service packet? Check out Build a Prayer!

Saturday Morning Services

AZA WWII Aleph Story and Service

BBG Globalization Themed
BBG Family Themed
BBG Sisterhood Themed

Want to create your own service packet? Check out Build a Prayer!


AZA Heartbeat Havdallah

BBG Globalization Themed
BBG Family Themed

Want to create your own service packet? Check out Build a Prayer!

Divrei Torah for Parshat Vayeira

AZA D'var Torah 1
AZA D'var Torah 2
AZA Importance of L'Dor V'Dor D'var Torah

BBG D'var Torah 1
BBG D'var Torah 2
BBG D'var Torah 3

Want to write your own D'var Torah? Check out some resources from My Jewish Learning.


AZA History in the Making
AZA Swing for the Fences
AZA Stand UP in Every Generation
AZA Backpacking Through Israel
AZA L'Dor V'Dor Separates Script

BBG Mother Daughter
BBG Stories of Holocaust Survivors
BBG Speaker Program
BBG Family Jewish Star
BBG Anita Perlman Family Tree
BBG Value of Family
BBG Stand Up For Each Other
BBG Physical Challenge Recreation

AZA and BBG Recipe Book

Submit your favorite family recipes through our online form in honor of our themes!

AZA BBG Shabbat 2010

Check out the resources created for AZA and BBG Shabbat during the 2010-2011 programming year here.

Thank You To Our Resource Contributors!

A HUGE thank you to Allison Van Wye and Jake Sorrells for organizing the effort and to everyone who answered our call for resources: Aaron Welcher- Kentucky Indiana Ohio, Abby Biesman- Cotton States Region, Allison Cohen- Eastern Canada Region, Alyssa Hartstein- Greater Jersey Hudson River Region: Central Council, Amelia Abemayor- Connecticut Valley Region , Andie Djamal- Gold Coast Region, Arielle Panitch- Northern Region East: DC Council, Brittany Picket- Nassau Suffolk Region, David Samuel Dworkin- Great Midwest Region, Emily Katz- Northern Region East: DC Council, Ethan Steinberg- Northern Region East: DC Council, Felicia Gans- South Jersey Region, Helen Weinberg- Kentucky Indiana Ohio, Ian Zaback- Michigan Region, Jackson Block- Pacific Coast Region, Jason Brillon- Big Apple Region, Jenna Shaw- Great Midwest Region, Jeremy Etelson- Northern Region East: DC Council, Jesse Freedman- Lake Ontario Region, Jessica Kocen- Eastern Region :Virginia Council, Jonathan Wasserman- Mountain Region, Lauren Yellen- Michigan Region, Lexie Sittsamer- Michigan Region, Lindsay Rawitscher- North Texas Oklahoma, Marisa Meyerson- Michigan Region, Max Goldstein- Evergreen Region, Michaela Brown- Northern Region East: NoVA Council, Michelle Shtivelberg- Wisconsin Region, Naomi Neuman - Cotton States Region, Nate Strauss- Michigan Region, Nate Shiffman- Ohio Northern Region, Nicole Joison- North Texas Oklahoma, Oren Sasson- Wisconsin Region, Rachel Bayersdorfer- Central Region West, Rachel Jackson- Northern Region East: DC Council, Rachel Sieradzki – Northern Region East: DC Council, Rachel Geiger- Cotton States Region, Ryan Friedman- Ohio Northern Region, Reuben Don- Ohio Northern Region, Sam Rubin- Northern Region East: DC Council, Sam Shapiro- Connecticut Valley Region, Sammy Katz- Kentucky Indiana Ohio, Sarah Shor- North Texas Oklahoma, Sasha Bartol- Northern Region East: DC Council, Sydney Ungar- Ohio Northern Region, Zoe Smith- Ohio Northern Region

Participating AZA, BBG, BBYO, BBYO/JDC and Partner Communities

The JDC invited Jewish teen communities in 36 countries to join AZA and BBG Shabbat. Read the letter here.

Zoom out to see participating communities across the globe!

View AZA and BBG Shabbat 2011 in a larger map

Add Your Shabbat To The Map

Use the comment section to tell us who is hosting your AZA or BBG Shabbat experience (your chapter name or region.) Don't forget to let us know the city your event will be located it in so we can add it to the map!


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