AZA and BBG Shabbat 2012


AZA and BBG Shabbat (also know as, BBYO Global Shabbat) are international initiatives that will take place November 9th through the 10th. This date offers our Order an opportunity to celebrate Judaism's most holy tradition simultaneously worldwide.

While these Shabbat experiences will be on the same date, AZA and BBG will be able to decide on a local level what their experience will look like whether it is partnering with each other, holding chapter specific programming, organizing a community-wide event with BBYO stakeholders or community members, or any combination.

Programming can include a Friday night experience, Saturday morning, Havdallah or all of the above as a powerful Shabbaton. The initiative is fully adaptable for each community's participation. To reflect on last year's success, check out AZA BBG Shabbat 2011!

Last year nearly 800 Alephs, B'nai B'rith Girls and Jewish teens from 7 countries voted on the 2011 themes. Nominated at the International August Executive Meetings in August 2012, here are the nominees for the 2012 themes:

AZA Shabbat Theme

  • Hinei Ma Tov Umanaim Shevet Achim Gam Yachad – Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together! For 88 years, young Jewish men have gathered together under the banner of AZA to celebrate their Jewish identities, build life long friendships and define for the greater community and the world what kind of men Jewish boys should grow to become. This Shabbat hymn, popular for generations, is a rally cry in an era when supporting one another and ensuring that AZA is inclusive of every Jewish male teen is as important as it has ever been.

BBG Shabbat Theme

  • To the Tune of Sisterhood Music has long been used as a tool to build unity across the Jewish world – across languages, borders, generations. Can music be made and celebrated to build Sisterhood, friendship and family? This theme will emphasize the significance of music - traditional and modern – in building strong, vibrant Jewish communities and the role music plays in girls' lives.

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