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"It takes something as simple as reaching out to new people and asking their name to create a new friendship or make them feel included. BBYO was the first place that anyone ever asked me about my cochlear implants or seemed interested at all. If I hadn't joined BBYO, I don't think I would be the advocate that have become today- for myself, for my friends, for anyone. BBYO and the inclusive environment it creates, at summer programs especially, is what allowed me to share my story and find my true passion in life, and for that, I am forever grateful."
—Tyler R.

"This past summer I took a BBYO passport: Ambassadors to Bulgaria that completely changed the way I looked at my Judaism. The trip included everything from white water rafting to speaking to the local Jewish elderly about their experience during the Holocaust. Although the various community service projects had an impact, my biggest takeaway was from the connections I made on the trip. As part of the trip, there were 20 international teens from all across Eastern Europe, from Croatia to Macedonia. When speaking to them, the common theme was that they were not able to outwardly express their Judaism. This shocked me coming from a place where religious freedom is the cornerstone of our democracy. I knew that I had an obligation to wear the kippah in solidarity for those who are not able to show their pride for Judaism as I am."
—Reed H.


“I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you amazing people. You have all taught me so much and impacted me in a special way. I cannot wait until IC to see you again.”
—Abigail Deena M.

“My days were amazing because it was really cool to see how the program I’d been anticipating was finally here. I had such a great time meeting new people and hearing about other regions.”
—Caroline K.

“In just the first day, I met so many new people that are so awesome and so different.”
—Jackson L.

“I had so much fun leading Shabbat electives and I loved coming together as a community every night during song session.”
—Laine N.

“I loved celebrating Havdallah under the stars with some the greatest friends I have ever made. It was such a memorable moment that I will never forget.”
—Julia H.

“‘G-d Talk’ helped me address big questions I had about being Jewish.”
—Jonah J.

“Shabbat Services made me feel happy and connected to my Judaism. I also felt closer to my sister BBGs and brother Alephs because we all knew the prayers despite living far away from each other.”
—Sophia P.


“I had such an amazing time at ILTC meeting and becoming friends with everyone! I learned so much, and I couldn't ask for anything more. I was truly blessed to be with such amazing people in such an amazing place!”
—Alex G.

“I know that no other summer experience will top this one.”
—Ethan E.

“Going into this camp, I only knew three people. I left camp with so many friends from all over the world.”
—Lauren W.

“Thanks for the most amazing weeks of my life! I've never felt prouder to be a part of the BBYO community!”
—Sara F.

“These past three weeks have been the most incredible and impactful weeks of my life. Thank you for making Perlman my home away from home and for creating one of the most inviting and accepting environments that I have ever been able to witness in my life.”
—Halle N.

“ILTC was the best three weeks ever and the perfect ending to my BBYO career. I have never laughed harder or dreamt bigger than I did at Perlman this summer.”
—Liam F.

“Arrive. Meet. Stand. Grow. Develop. Look. Expand. Create. Reach.”
—Samuel Leo E.


“Thank you for all the laughs and memories. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my summer anywhere else.”
—Jacob B.

“Whether it was in passing in the dining hall, every day in blueprint or limmud, for only three weeks or for six, I have every single participant, staff, speaker, educator, friend, and now family member to thank for this truly life-changing experience. Thank you for accepting me and loving me as I am, for never doubting me and always believing that I can do whatever I set my mind to, especially when I didn’t. Thank you for being my friends and my family, for teaching me and for holding me up when I fell down. Thank you for making me laugh, for wiping away my tears, and for everything in between.”
—Orly E.

“Because of you all, I will study Torah, I will celebrate Shabbat with my family more often. Because of my time with you all I am driven to engage with my Judaism beyond the levels of BBYO and my synagogue. Kallah will have a place in my heart forever, and for the benefits mentioned, I thank you all.”
—Liam M.

“I'm so sad to say goodbye to such a wonderful experience, but I'm so excited to see what we as a Kallah community are able to accomplish back home!”
—Arielle N.

“I'm in so much awe from how much I have taken from this and all of the friends that I've made. I'll never forget this experience.”
—Amit S.

“The past three weeks spent with all of you was nothing short of incredible. Something about Perlman truly is magical. Thank you for the memories, laughs, and friendships.”
—Aly S.

“It makes me happy that I was able to spend most of summer finding myself and learning! You all made my summer ten thousand times better and completely changed me for the better!”
—Gaby S.

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