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CLTC 7 Update: B'nai Mitzvot and Inductions

Posted on 08/02/2013 @ 12:42 AM

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Today at CLTC 7 two teens celebrated their B’nai Mitzvot, and here is what they had to say about their experience!

"Today I was Bar Mitzvah'd. I feel like a man. I am very happy I was able to do it with this CLTC community." - Evan Bowles, Southern - ATL

"Having the opportunity to become a Bat Mitzvah at CLTC was an unforgettable experience. I am so happy I got the chance to share this special day with everyone.” - Alana Horwitz, RMR

Then later tonight all the teens were inducted into the International Order, and here is what they had to say about their inductions!

"Separates was my favorite part of CLTC so far because I could to celebrate and cheer with my brother Alephs from around the international Order." -Jacob Snyder, NRE - DC

"Tonight was one of the best nights of my life." - Corey Nadelbach, NRE -DC

“No matter how many times people say it, it will forever be true. CLTC was the best 12 days I have ever experienced in my life. In a split second, my life changed. Being inducted into the International Order of B’nai B’rith Girls was a life changing moment and I will forever keep this stored in my heart.” - Lora Lee Ashkenazy, GCR

“10 months ago when I joined BBYO, I never would have expected to end up at CLTC. Now that I am here, I cannot have imagined spending the second part of my summer any other way. I always felt a part of BBG, but after being inducted into the B’nai B’rith Girls International Order tonight, made it all surreal to me. I am officially a member of Bnai Brith Girls and will forever remember this moment.” - Michelle Biesman, CSR


CLTC 7 Update: Texas Hoedown

Posted on 07/31/2013 @ 11:53 PM

Tags: cltc7

Tonight at CLTC we had a Texas Hoedown to get everyone excited for International Convention 2014 in Dallas! It was a fun night complete with dancing and a hayride around the camp. Here is what the teens had to say about the experience!

“CLTC has been one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I've created more than friends for life. I've found brothers and sisters for life and memories that will never die.”- Justin Asarch, PWR

“The Texas hoedown was a ball, had a great time, eh? Being from the Canada, experiencing Texas was fun. Getting excited for IC 2014!” - Zach Freedman, LOR

“I'm having a ton of fun at the hoedown! I actually can't wait for IC!” - Lindsey Lozoskie, NRE – No. VA

“The hoedown was so fun and it got me so psyched for IC in Texas! I'm counting down the days.” - Alana Horwitz, RMR

“This was a real bonding experience.” - Becca Ascherman, Miami

“The hoedown tonight was such a blast! I can't wait to continue the fun at IC in Dallas!” - Hannah Paley, Wisconsin


CLTC 7 Update: July 30th

Posted on 07/30/2013 @ 11:53 PM

Tags: cltc7

Here are some thoughts from the teens about CLTC 7!

“CLTC is life changing! I learned about my Jewish identity and explored causes that impact me!” - Michael Cohen, Southern - Atlanta  

“I learned that every chapter is a community and it’s important to work to keep it together.” - Rachel Ockner, Michigan

“CLTC has not only taught me how to be the best leader I can be in my chapter, but also life in general. I've gained tools that I know I'm going to carry with me for the rest of my life.” - Emily Hamburger, NRE-DC

“CLTC has been really educational. It's been one of the best experiences of my life.” - Jamie Schwartz, Southern - Atlanta

A haiku about CLTC by Evan Bowles, Southern - Atlanta 
“We have made some friends
Both Alephs and BBGs
Thanks CLTC!” 


CLTC 7 Update: July 29th, 2013

Posted on 07/29/2013 @ 11:23 PM

Tags: cltc7

Tonight at CLTC the teens did a program where they learned all about March of the Living. Here are their thoughts on both the program and their experiences at CLTC.

“Never been more touched in my life. It's amazing to think generations after generations with numbers growing and shrinking we are still together bonded stronger than ever.” - Dovey Hochberg, NTO

“CLTC has made me realize how proud I am of my Judaism and gave me incredible leadership skills that I will carry with me forever.” - Lily Maslia, Southern - Atlanta

“Noticing how many Jewish teens stand up for their religion, faith, and heritage is so astonishing for anyone to see. I know my personal perspective of Judaism has changed drastically after being on CLTC and learning about March of the Living.” - Sam Eigen, SJR

“Going to CLTC I didn't know what to expect. Of course everyone in my region has told me how amazing it is and it's "the best 12 days of your life". So I decided to try it out, and so far my experience is indescribable.” - Leah Kay, Liberty

“Once I went on this trip my perspective of everything in BBYO was changed and I was already incredibly involved and this trip only pushed me to do more.” - Corey Davidson, LOR


CLTC 7 Update: July 28th, 2013

Posted on 07/29/2013 @ 12:01 AM

Tags: cltc7

Tonight at CLTC we did a program where the teens learned all about Israel! Here are their thoughts on their experience.

"We learned a lot about Israel and it really made me want to go more." - Max Scherer, NRE - DC

"It was awesome adventuring different parts of Israel and I can't wait to go someday!" - Julia Margulies, ONR

"It was eye-opening to how great Israel is!"- Stacey Aranowitz, Liberty

"The program we did was very powerful to say the least. It taught us all about how Israel works and some of the history behind why it's our homeland.” - Jordan Kochman, NRE - DC

"This program shed new light onto my view of Israel."- Max Perlmuter, Michigan

"I really liked learning the Hebrew words, the red string. Everyone lives differently in Israel based on their religion!" - Hannah Kostuchenko, Eastern

"It was a really interesting session that made me feel closer to Israel." - Josh Blank, NRE - DC


CLTC 7 Update: July 27th, 2013

Posted on 07/28/2013 @ 12:01 AM

Tags: cltc7

Here are some thoughts from the teens about CLTC!

"Our chapter's favorite times have really been whenever we’re together just getting to know each other. I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to have in my chapter."- Sandy Leach, Southern - Atlanta

"Our chapter's favorite part of Shabbat was holding a successful Shabbat program." - Jakob Allen, KIO

"Every moment of CLTC has been so wonderful, I've really enjoyed everything." - Rachel Ockner, Michigan

"For being at CLTC only four and a half days, we have grown incredibly, and Havdallah brought everyone closer" - Alyssa Wachs, SJR


CLTC 6 Matthew Baker

Posted on 07/26/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc6

Hi! My name is Matt Baker from Lonestar.

Grant Braden Hansell planned the most amazing Inductions last night. This whole experience was life changing and eye opening, and as I return to my chapter as Shapiro AZA’s Gizbor I know what it takes to plan a successful fundraiser. All thanks to the amazing staff, my advisor Drew and, my 43 brothers. I love these people, I love this place, and I will miss them all dearly.

Fraternally submitted with undying love for

all my brothers, Drew, and Grant

I forever remain

Aleph Matthew Roy Baker


CLTC 6 Jay Seline

Posted on 07/26/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc6

Whats up! My name is Jay Seline from NRE-D.C. Council

The Inductions we had last night were the most emotional and special inductions I’ve ever seen or been in. It reminded me of how brotherhood stays strong when you bring 43 of the greatest alephs you could ever be with in the 12 days we have together. The special part of the whole induction process was writing down my past regrets, tearing them, and getting them off my back.

There were mixed emotions in the circle. Ever more special is how close we all came together as one big family within the 12 days.

Fraternally submitted with undying love for

Simon Atlas AZA #126, Northern Region East, The International Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph, Brotherhood, CLTC 6,

I forever remain,

Aleph Jay Seline


CLTC 6 Sarah Levinson

Posted on 07/26/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc6

Hi! My name is Sarah Levinson from Lonestar!

Last night I became a part of the International Order of the B’nai Brith Girls.

The experience was amazing, and as memorable as could be. Judith did a wonderful job, and I would like to thank her for all the time and effort she put into the inductions. I know that I will walk away from CLTC with the memory of the best International Inductions that have ever been held.

Respectfully submitted, with undying love for

all of my BBG sisters, CLTC 6 2013, spooey, late night heart to hearts, and the international order of the B’nai Brith Girls,

I forever remain,

Sarah Lisa Levinson.


CLTC 6 Ashlyn Champ

Posted on 07/26/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc6

Hi! My name is Ashlyn Champ from NRE-No.Va Council.

There are no words to describe what an amazing and incredible experience being internationally inducted was. Hands down, it was the best inductions ever! It changed me as a person and I would like to thank Judith Cohen for that.

Submitted, with undying love for

CLTC 6, spooey, my sister b’nai b’rith girls, my brother alephs, and the international order of BBYO and BBG,

I forever remain,

Ashlyn Victoria Champ.


CLTC 6 Seth Betman

Posted on 07/26/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc6

Inductions were the most emotional night of my life. As you are standing in the circle around your brother alephs who have put so much to this organization, many emotions come over you. You realize that this organization of Jewish teens is much bigger than you. So many Jewish teens around the world have shared the same experience of being inducted, and knowing that just amazes me.

As I look at my aleph pin that I received last night, I think of the future of this organization. Standing in a circle with 44 alephs that have showed me brotherhood at its peak, I know we can be the change we wish to see in this order.

Fraternally submitted with undying love for

Max Fisher AZA #337, Michigan Region GLC, the International Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph, and the Alephs of CLTC 6 who show Achari,

I forever remain

Aleph Seth Franklin Betman.


CLTC 7 Update: Stand Up!

Posted on 07/25/2013 @ 11:46 PM

Tags: cltc7

Today at CLTC the teens did a program on Stand Up and each chapter chose a cause they would be raising money for together. Here is what the teens had to say about their experiences!

"Stand Up is service and service is one of the five folds of AZA, so it goes hand in hand." - Dan Nelson, PWR

"Doing Stand Up activities or community service can help your chapter find a common bond over a cause you care about." - Adam Levengard, NRE - DC

"BBYO is all about impacting others in the community. It shows that we're here and we want to make a difference." - Corey Nadelbach, NRE - DC

"In BBYO were given so many experiences and opportunities and this is our chance to give back to the community." - Hadleigh Swarts, RMR

"Everybody has their own cause they stand up for, everybody is different, everyone has their own passion." - Scott Lacritz, NTO

"Some of the people I look up to the most and the greatest leaders are all around me." - Jacob Borowsky, SJR

"I learned that a group of people could get so close in such a short amount of time." - Sylvie Siegel, KIO


CLTC 7 Update: July 24th, 2013

Posted on 07/24/2013 @ 11:34 PM

Tags: cltc7

Here are some thoughts from the teens about their experiences at CLTC 7 so far!

"We learned about the history of AZA tonight. We really bonded as brothers while repeating the AZA heartbeat.” - Sam Halpern, Michigan

"I'm excited to use the skills I will learn in my mock chapter and apply them to my real chapter.” - Omer Lavian, PWR

"I made a new best friend at CLTC who is originally from Australia. It's really cool to meet Jewish teens from all different places." - Morgan Neff, Liberty

"I'm excited to learn how to become a leader and step outside my comfort zone." - Leah Taub, Michigan

"I'm excited to leave with over 100 new friends and to become a better leader." Cassidy Aronin, Southern - Atlanta


CLTC 7 First Day

Posted on 07/24/2013 @ 12:31 AM

Tags: cltc7

Today was the first day of CLTC 7, and here are some thoughts from the teens!

"It's a great first day, and I feel like I've definitely gotten to know a lot of people." - Jakob Allen, KIO

"Although only the first day has passed I feel like I've been here for a while. I'm so excited to spend the next two weeks with kids I already feel are family" - Ethan Bloom, Evergreen

"I've met tons of people that I like. Everyone is really welcoming. I can tell I'm going to be really close with these people." - Sarah Katz, NTO

“Everyone is really nice and friendly. They say you're friends with people at CLTC for the rest of your life and if that's true, I'm really lucky!" - Erin Sporkin, NTO


CLTC 6 Grant's Second day

Posted on 07/23/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc6

Hi! My name is Grant Hansell, AZA Coordinator for CLTC 6.

Wow is really all I can think of to say.

Just 48 hours into CLTC and I already feel like I've known everybody here for years. It's been an incredible experience seeing high school students from across the nation come to Bethany college and immediately become a family.

From the moment they arrived, I saw incredible enthusiasm, passion, and a desire to learn. My favorite part of CLTC so far has been the history program where AZA came together and learned the Seven Cardinal Principles by pouring seven different condiments onto Drew the advisor. We will celebrate Shabbat tomorrow and I know the chapters are planning some incredible and inspiring services

I can't wait to see how we all continue to grow and become a closer Kehilah over the next 10 days.

Fraternally Submitted with Undying Love,

Grant Hansell


CLTC 6 Valerie

Posted on 07/23/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc6

On July 20th 2013 atCLTC 6 had an amazing Shabbat! We woke up and went to a beautiful service, we sang and clapped and cheered and prayed! Then we learned about different types of people, and how to be successful. I learned so much from this program. I learned how to work with others based on my style of working and their style of working. After that we ate a delicious lunch and prayed and everyone had so much fun!

Following our lunch, we collaborated in little groups to put on a play. Each group did a different act and it was so fun! Lots of laughs were shared and everyone was smiling. Then we got to have free time where we could go to the gym, be with friends, sleep, or anything you really wanted! (Within limits) After our free time we ate dinner, immediately after dinner we had an inspirational program where we learned about stereotypical names and how words affect each other! Every person took away from it and it was such a moving program. After that, we split up into boys and girls and learned our spirit cheers and chants! It was so much fun and we screamed and jumped and laughed! Following the cheering, we went to a Havdallah service.

This was by far the best Havdallah I’ve ever experienced. Everyone was unified and was filled with passion. We sat in a circle around candles and sang songs. It was so moving and was spectacular. Following that we walked outside and had spirit circles where we demonstrated the cheers we had learned before that! It was so fun and loud and everyone was screaming and chanting! After that we got to eat cake, and then we stood in a circle and started talking about our days.

This was amazing; so many people got so emotional and were crying. We are such a close group of people and the emotion in the atmosphere was overwhelming. We stood and sang and so many people continued to cry. This was the best experience of my life, after four days, we were all so close that we could all cry and help each other. CLTC is the best experience I’ve ever had and yesterday made it all the more special!

Submitted with Undying Love

I Forever Remain,

Valerie Weitz

Damn Proud B'nai B'rith Girl


CLTC 6 Judith's Second Day

Posted on 07/23/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc6

Hi! My name is Judith Cohen, BBG Coordinator here at CLTC 6.

Having built up my excitement for this experience for at least the last six months, there may have been a slight tinge of worry in the back of my mind that CLTC might not live up to everything I had built it up to be. I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. The first two days of CLTC have far exceed anything I could have imagined or hoped for. There is nothing more rewarding as a coordinator than to see how engaged and impassioned our participants are in every activity, from chapter lessons to song sessions to friendship circle, the teens’ energy and enthusiasm is inspiring!

Yesterday’s focus, as chosen by the dorm of the day, was kehilah, or community. Our participants began to come together to create their own new kehilah in rotations like Speed Dating, Public Speaking, and Exploring Judaism. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the teens by leading the Speed Dating rotation and a discussion about everyone’s different reasons for coming to CLTC.

As Shabbat approaches, I’m excited to see what the chapters have planned for us to celebrate. I know it will be an uplifting and unifying experience for our community, and I can’t wait to take part!

Submitted with Undying Love

for Mishala BBG #185, CLTC 5 2010, The 22nd North Carolina Council Board, Lee's first pedicure, Eastern Region, North Carolina Council, Chai Chaverim BBG #1548-552, The baddest chapter in NCC, You, Me, and BBG,

I Forever Remain,

Judith Ilana Cohen

Damn Proud B'nai B'rith Girl


Welcome to CLTC 7!

Posted on 07/23/2013 @ 05:00 PM

Tags: cltc7

Everyone has arrived safely and CLTC 7 has officially begun!

The next 12 days are going to be the best days of our lives! Make sure to check back here for updates!


CLTC 7 2013 is Almost Here!

Posted on 07/22/2013 @ 05:00 PM

Tags: cltc7

CLTC 7 2013 is almost here! Make sure to check back here for blog updates and below for pictures!

Here's to an epic #BBYOSummer2013


CLTC 5 Update: Inductions

Posted on 07/19/2013 @ 12:23 AM

Tags: cltc5

Tonight at CLTC the teens were inducted into the International Order. Here is what they had to say about this meaningful experience!

"Being inducted into the International Order means so much to me as a BBG. I know I'll treasure it always." - Sarah Balis, NTO

"The B’nai B’rith Girl inductions tonight reinforced our sisterhood and love for BBG. Now I feel even more connected to my sister B’nai B’rith Girls." - Sophie Levy, CSR

"I am so proud and honored to uphold my BBG inductions pin!" - Diana Freedman GJHRR

"I'm so excited to have a BBG pin and candle of my own!" - Lily Vaysberg, MAR - North Star

"Being internationally inducted was one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had in BBYO. The cheer circles further bonded my relationship with my newfound brothers." - Max Marcovitch, Southern - Atlanta

"The induction program opened my eyes to how important legacy in BBYO can be." - Michael Scilken, CSR

"Fun was had, friends were made, and the bonds will last forever." - Daniel Elias, Michigan

"I cannot imagine a greater experience to share with my brothers, it could never be duplicated." - Jake Sherman, RMR


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