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BBYO Summer Blog

Chapter Leadership Training Conference (CLTC) 1 2010

Where BBYO’s leadership training begins.

Welcome to the CLTC 1 2010 Blog!

We’re so excited to be able to share all of the wonderful news, tidbits and fun that go on here every summer with even more people. Check back frequently to see the most recent updates!

Final Shabbat - Bar Mitzvah at CLTC

Posted on 06/28/2010 @ 11:37 AM

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Our final Shabbat together begins tonight. One of our teens, Ryan Wyman, never had a Bar Mitzvah and worked closely with our Judaic Educator, Marge Eiseman, to be called to the Torah tomorrow. We're all very excited to celebrate the simcha with him.

The teens were bright, smart and a lot of fun; and we learned a lot from each other. I hope that they will share all of the details with you when they return home.

Clearly, we have a lot to celebrate - however, the success of this program is not about the twelve days spent here, but, rather, what each teen will accomplish in the days and years to come. It will be fun to watch their growth.

FYI: We will communicate with them often throughout the next year, providing them with more information and tips to use in their chapters.

Special thanks to our great staff -

Steven Molberger, Leadership Director, and his leadership advisors: Mitch Liebeskind, Josh Langer, Debbie Ornstein, Michael Abramovitz and Camryn Kruger.

Youth Coordinators: Leah Chakoff and Josh Kipnis

Specialty staff: Marge Eiseman (Judaic Educator/ Songleader) and Paula Ploper (Israeli Dance Specialist.)

Administrative staff: Jacob Sachs

Thank you for giving your teen this opportunity. It was an experience that they will never forget. You may want to think about how they can continue their leadership journey by sending them to another wonderful BBYO leadership program next summer or they can travel to one of our great BBYO destinations around the world.


The Excitement Continues!

Posted on 06/28/2010 @ 11:14 AM

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Hello Everyone!

This week has been full of excitement, as everyone has been putting finishing touches on their creations: chapter tee shirts and songs - to be presented tomorrow night at CLTC Presents. The teens have really honed their organizational skills and planned unique and informative programs - and had great fun in the process. The teens planned programs covering racism and anti-semitism (Stop the Hate,) Special Olympics and dealing with obstacles, a program on Integrity, Israeli army simulation, and an awareness program on how to get involved in service to your community

On Wednesday night,we presented a powerful and emotional program on the Holocaust, focusing on BBYO's March of the Living educational mission to Poland and Israel, which is held every spring. It was a solemn evening, but, a meaningful one. We were all visibly moved.

Last night, special ceremonies inducted the teens into the AZA and BBG international order, a ritual connecting them with the thousands of teens who have attended CLTC over the past 30 + years. The strong display of brotherhood and sisterhood was a wonderful expression of how much the friendships have progressed here.


CLTC Well Underway!

Posted on 06/22/2010 @ 12:30 PM

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Hello Everyone - we have been BUSYYYYY at CLTC.

We welcomed two visitors from our international office in past days - Jayson Rubin (Director of Summer Experiences and Partnerships) and Rabbi Jason Kimmelman - Block (Director of The PANIM Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values, a division of BBYO, Inc.) They really enjoyed spending time with the teens and were very impressed with the activities.

Rabbi Block was here to introduce BBYO's innovative program initiative, called Stand Up! - a new comprehensive approach to what BBYO has already been doing since its beginning - trying to help people around the world. This campaign gives teens the platform from which they can connect with the issues they feel most passionate about through service projects, social action, and philanthropy. T eensbrainstormed ideas on how to use their skills and interests to get involved in their communities at home and to implement effective programs for their home chapters.

At CLTC, we break from the routine of the week's activities with a meaningful Shabbat experience. Our five CLTC chapters were each responsible for a different aspect of Shabbat - creating a festive atmosphere and planning and participating in services and programs. We also focused on the spiritual aspects of life, and spent time relaxing and enjoying time with each other - playing sports, sunning and time at the pool.

Last night's evening program was a lot of fun, centering around Israel and its culture - learning about accomplishments in technology, science and medicine; hearing about the Bedoin Arab culture in a specially built Bedoin tent; writing messages to be placed in the Western Wall next spring; and playing a round of Gaga (a favorite sport in Israel.)

The teens are doing great and planning wonderful programs for the next few days.

I'll be in touch soon to share it all with you.

Take care.



Shabbat Shalom from CLTC 1!

Posted on 06/03/2010 @ 07:10 PM

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Shabbat Shalom! Everyone is doing great and a lot of new friendships have already formed. We have a terrific group of teens to work with and we're having a great time!

What's been happening: After reviewing election procedures and parliamentary procedure on Wednesday, the teens elected chapter officers in their chapters yesterday. There are only a few elected positions in the chapters at CLTC, but, there are many opportunities for everyone to lead - planning programs, Shabbat services and programs, fundraisers, tee shirt creations, song and banner committees, etc.

Recent leadership sessions focused on "Starting a New Chapter" and "What is a Leader" . We also introduced the "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens" - written by Sean Covey. These habits correlate very well with character development, another aspect of our skill buildin at CLTC..

In addition to leadership training, we have rotation sessions most days - Jewish Experience (exploring Judaism) Shirim (singing) and Rikudim (Israeli dancing) and workshops on an array of topics. The first workshop topic introduced was on "Conduct", helping the teens to understand that a basic characteristic of being a leader is about respect for one another and how you treat the people around you.

The teambuilding program on Wednesday night was called, "Junkyard Wars" - one in which chapters were asked to create something unique using "clean junk" (cardboard boxes, paper, cups, etc. and masking tape.) It was a lot of fun, but, the real purpose was for the staff to observe the group dynamics and to see who took on the leadership roles in planning and building the project. This program enables the staff to evaluate each participant at the beginning and personalize individual leadership development as the session progresses.

We're very excited about our first Shabbat together - a very special time at CLTC. Each chapter is assigned the task of planning and leading one of the following each week: Friday night services, a Friday night program, Saturday morning services, a Saturday morning program and a Havdallah Service. Our goal is to excite the teens about Shabbat and to demonstrate to them that creativity and inspiration can enhance a traditional Shabbat service or program.

We loaded pictures today on our summer program website:; I hope you enjoy them! That's it for now! I'll be in touch. Take care. Sherrie

Sherrie Stalarow CLTC Director - Sessions 1,3,5 and 7


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