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Leadership and Teambuilding at CLTC

Posted on 07/30/2010 @ 12:21 PM

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Everyone is doing great and a lot of new friendships have already formed. We have a terrific group of teens to work with and we're having a great time!


What's been happening:

After reviewing election/voting and parliamentary procedures yesterday, the teens elected chapter officers in their chapters today. There are only a few elected positions in the chapters at CLTC, but, there are many opportunities for everyone to lead - planning programs, Shabbat services, fundraisers, tee shirt creations, song and banner committees, etc.

Recent leadership sessions focused on "Starting a New Chapter" and "What is a Leader".

Because BBYO was founded on a set of principles decades ago, ones which remain strong today, we held sessions to teach and remind the teens how important these values are toward their leadership growth. For the boys we have the AZA Seven Cardinal Principles (Patriotism, Judaism, Filial Love, Charity, Conduct, Purity, Fraternity) and the girls are inspired by the Menorah Pledge (Citizenship, Jewish Heritage, Community Service, Philanthropy, Inter-Faith Relations, Tradition, Good Sisterhood, Prayer for World Jewry. ) The Menorah principles were presented to the girls by our Coordinator, Jess Green, using cookie ingredients to define the values and then by putting all the ingredients together to bake cookies for a snack later. You can appreciate that as all of the ingredients came together into a sweet cookie, so, too, do these girls create a wonderful mixture of values and ideals.

The boys were led in their session by the AZA Coordinator, Andrew Abrams, who was able to challenge the boys to personalize their own core principles and relate them to the AZA values.

In addition to leadership training, we have rotation sessions most days - Jewish Experience (exploring Judaism) Shirim (singing) and Rikudim (Israeli dancing) and workshops on an array of topics.

The teambuilding program last night was called, "Junkyard Wars" - one in which chapters were asked to create something unique using "clean junk" (cardboard boxes, paper, cups, etc. and masking tape.) It was a lot of fun, but, the real purpose was for the staff to observe the group dynamics and to see who took on the leadership roles in planning and building the projects. This program enables the staff to evaluate each participant at the beginning and personalize individual leadership development as the session progresses.

We're very excited about our first Shabbat together - a very special time at CLTC. Each chapter is assigned the task of planning and leading one of the following each week: Friday night services, a Friday night program, Saturday morning services, a Saturday morning program and a Havdallah Service. Our goal is to excite the teens about Shabbat and to demonstrate to them that creativity and inspiration can enhance a traditional Shabbat service or program.

We've loaded pictures on our summer program website: I hope you enjoy them!

That's it for now. I'll be in touch.


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