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CLTC 1 2016

CLTC 1 day 11

Posted on 06/17/2016 @ 02:50 PM

Shabbat Shalom! Today at CLTC 1, teens are preparing for Shabbat. Between services, Havdallah, and Shabbat programming, each chapter is busy planning something exciting! As CLTC 1 enters its final Shabbat, teens shared how excited they are to have a fun time with their friends:

"I'm excited for Shabbat. I love spending this relaxing time with my new best friends and celebrating together". -Marissa Aaronson. North Florida Region.

"After this morning's session about Shabbat values, the CLTC community is even more excited to relax tomorrow on Shabbat. Whether that be with swimming or playing sports, Shabbat will be a fun and special day". -Ethan Golde, Mid America Region.

"Shabbat is the highlight of my week here at CLTC because it brings a very relaxing and close-knit environment. Everyone feels connected and close together." -Leslie Rodriguez, Cold Coast Region.

"I had so much fun leading services at Shabbat. I can't wait to see what services are like this time!" -Emily Theall, Gold Coast Region.

The positive atmosphere that Shabbat creates at CLTC will give everyone the opportunity to bond in the last few days of the session.


CLTC 1, Day 10

Posted on 06/16/2016 @ 08:30 PM

Hello from CLTC 1! Yesterday and today, teens were finally able to run the programs that they have been working so hard to plan over the course of the past week. All of the skills that they have been developing at CLTC really shined through, as all six programs were fun and exciting for everyone. After the programs were done, teens started preparing for CLTC Presents, which is our end-of-session talent show. It looks like there will be a large variety of acts, including singing, dancing, instruments and even rapping! Not everyone has to perform, as it will be just as enjoyable to watch your friends present their acts. Here's what some of the participants had to say while they were rehearsing:

"I am excited to have fun with a group of my friends before we part our separate ways on Sunday! We are all ecstatic to perform, because our act will be hilarious!" -Ami Lieberman, Great Midwest Region.

"I'm definitely going to perform during CLTC Presents. I love getting the chance to show my talent to the world, especially when I'm friends with the entire audience!" -Jake Gaby, Mid America Region: St-Louis Council.

"I am going to sing 'Mother, I'm here' with guitar accompaniment. I can't wait to see how the performance goes." -Ethan Davis, Kentucky-Indiana-Ohio Region.

"I'm going to sing 'Sunday Morning' by Maroon 5 with the Ukulele. I can't wait until I get to perform." -Rachel Edelstein, Miami Region.

"I plan to incorporate all of the valuable leadership lessons I have learned at CLTC into my leadership style. Learning to be a leader is why I chose to perform during CLTC Presents." -Joshua Weisskopf, Great Midwest Region.

Session 1's CLTC Presents is shaping up to be a great show!


CLTC 1, Day 8

Posted on 06/14/2016 @ 08:15 PM

Good evening from CLTC 1! Today, everyone was in for a huge surprise when the Maccabia games was announced! Teens were split into four teams: green (Ireland), white (France), blue (Argentina), and red (France). This session's theme is Globalization, which means that we were able to learn about BBYO around the world throughout the day. Through a series of competitions including trivia, a plank walk, silent lunch "Ultimate Soap" (a slippery twist on Ultimate Frisbee) and an Amazing Race, teams competed for points. However, winning the challenges isn't the only way to earn points for your team- team spirit also counts! Later this evening, teams will be competing in a lip sync battle. Take a look at what teens have to say about Maccabia thus far:

"Experiencing Maccabia is amazing. It has definitely been a highlight of CLTC and my BBYO experience. I competed on team Argentina, and I know we had the most spirit! It has been so much fun, I can't wait to find out who wins". -Max Kohll, Mid America Region.

"Maccabia has been a really fun event for me. I have never experienced anything like it in my Region, and I don't go to camp during the summer. Our whole team came together to form a community, which was really great". -Tess Herzog, Cotton States Region.

"Maccabia has been a lot of fun! My team worked really well together, which is why we were able to do so well. Go Argentina!" -Samantha Rhodes, Central Region West.

"So far, Maccabia has been incredible! I'm so happy we got to do it- I can't believe it was kept a secret this whole time. Team Bulgaria is the best!" -Tamar Blue, Kentuky Indiana Ohio Region

The winning team will be announced later this evening, at the end of our International Convention kickoff party.


CLTC 1, Day 7

Posted on 06/13/2016 @ 11:45 AM

Good morning from CLTC 1!

Today, teens can look forward to a full day of fun and learning. The day's programs include a Jewish Song session taught by our song leader, learning about Israel and Shavuot with our Shlicha from Israel, and an Ask for Help activity with the chapter advisors. Teens will learn about effective communication in the afternoon.

Last night's cookout dinner was a nice change of setting. The smell of the barbecue and the open, outdoor eating space created a very happy and enjoyable atmosphere. Take a look at what the teens had to say about it:

"CLTC for me has been a great experience so far. I've already made some great new friends who live all over the country. It is so much fun!" -Avery Klatsky, North Texas Oklahoma Region

"My CLTC experience has been amazing. I have made many new friends and new connections here". -Lucy Reish, Southern Region

"So far CLTC has been amazing! I have met so many friends and have already created so many memories that I will cherish forever. I have learned so many valuable leadership skills that I can use outside and inside of BBYO". -Andrea Hengber, Gold Coast Region.

"I have learned a ton about how to be an intelligent, strong, and capable leader. I have also enjoyed hanging out with new friends, growing as an Aleph and as a person". -Josh Feldman, North Texas Oklahoma Region.

We are looking forward to the exciting day to come!


CLTC 1, Day 6

Posted on 06/12/2016 @ 08:30 PM

Over the course of the day, teens at CLTC 1 had the opportunity to participate in several new and exciting activities. They had the option to attend two programs that focused on the aspects of inclusion within their community, The chapters also competed in an exciting "Jello Jousting" tournament during their free time (Chofesh). In a series of rounds, two chapters faced off against one another at a time. One member was chosen to represent their chapter in every round. In order to play, each participant must balance Jello on the end of a long spoon, with their other hand held behind their back. Once the round begins, you must try to knock the Jello off of your opponent's spoon without dropping your own. It was very action-packed and entertaining activity for everyone! With half of CLTC already behind us, many of the teens feel as though they are beginning to understand why this experience is so special:

"I may not be related to my CLTC family by blood, but I can proudly say that the other participants of CLTC 1 is my second family! Even though only six days have passed, I know I have met my life-long best friends here. I can't wait for six more days with these amazing people!" -Lilly Sitver, Cotton States Region "It's been really cool learning how to plan successful programs, and very rewarding when you actually plan something that goes well. My chapter planned a Havdallah service for last night, and it was really cool to do that because others really enjoyed it. -Sophie Levy, Eastern Region. "It's only day six and I already feel like I've made great friends and have become a better leader!" -Roy Einhorn, North Texas Oklahoma Region. "CLTC has helped me learn to become a leader for my chapter. Only halfway through, I already feel prepared to lead my home chapter to success." -Brett Lewis, Cotton States Region.

After a successful first half of the session, we look forward to an even better six days to come!


CLTC 1 Song Sessions

Posted on 06/09/2016 @ 09:00 PM

At CLTC, we are fortunate enough to have a very talented and enthusiastic song leader, Josh Cohen. He is a former BBYO member, and uses music to guide teens during services, programs and song sessions. During CLTC 1's first song session, all of the teens were able to come together and bond through Jewish music. The upbeat, positive experience was exhilarating for many participants:

"The best part of the song session was hanging out with all my new friends, and standing as a community while singing together." -Ashlee Kuper, Central Region West "The song session was meaningful to me because I got to be with my friends, doing something we all enjoy." -Lucy Reish, Southern Region "I loved spending time singing great songs with my brother Alephs and sister BBG's." -Avery Klatsky, North Texas Oklahoma Region "My favorite part of the song session was Josh's attitude, because his excitement really showed through, which pumped up the whole room. This is what makes us happy to be at CLTC." -Leeya Alperin, Cotton States Region.

The most meaningful part of the session for song leader Josh was "being able to bring my BBYO experience full circle. These are the same songs that I learned during my time in BBYO, and it's so special to see the teens bond over the same songs that I loved."


Successful first day at CLTC 1!

Posted on 06/08/2016 @ 12:15 AM

Today, we had a very successful first day at CLTC 1! After a day of travel, teens arrived at Beber Camp with plenty of time to experience a tour of the camp, their first meal, a quick session in their chapters, as well as an icebreaker and friendship circle. Members were asked what they were most excited to learn over the next twelve days at CLTC. Here is what a few of them had to say:

"I want to be able to lead programs and hold a leadership position without questioning myself!" -Karli Silver, Eastern Region

"To become a better leader and make my chapter the best it could be." -Andrea Hengber, Gold Coast Region

"I want to make Jewish friends from across the USA. I hope I learn to be a better, more open leader." -Miriam Berkson, Great Midwest Region

"I'm excited to gain lifelong friends, learn leadership skills, and learn how to strengthen GMR" -Sammi Schnuer, Great Midwest Region

"To learn more to bring back to my chapter and region. To grow as a person and leader, and to make friends across the international order." -Jessica Cantor, Rocky Mountain Region


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