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Sunny Day at CLTC 1

Posted on 06/18/2014 @ 12:30 PM

Once again, a day with expected rain transformed into a sunny and hot one. After breakfast, Becka Handler, advisor, led a calming Yoga Shacharit which taught not only new physical positions but also a new interpretation of the prayers. Additionally, the teens had the opportunity to attend various communications skill builders before heading to lunch. Yet the hard work of some of the chapters was finally paid off after lunch when three chapter planned sessions were done. Emily Nomberg was a standout superstar in her chapter’s community service program where the teens wrote letters to cancer patients, both child and adult, and cancer survivors. It appeared as if the entire body got behind this cause and wrote letters with passion. Nechishot BBG executed their program about the effects of alcohol flawlessly, and their dedicated research and hard work paid off with a very well received message. Nativ BBG did a wonderful program about globalization, which is BBYO’s expansion around the world. During chofesh, frisbees flew once again, and the teens coordinated a “T-shirt Trading Area” where everyone could come and exchange BBYO attire. Taking advantage of free time and taking responsibility, Ryan Yablonsky voluntarily used his free time to work on chapter work. The theme of the night was Israeli learning. First, we made up a mock Knesset where multiple parties were assigned and asked to vote on a bill. But the hook was thay the parties had to form coalitions with other parties in order to pass or reject the bills. Jiji Plotka and Gal Crouvi really took charge of their groups in the program, where they explored both her Jewish and Israeli identity. Next, everyone headed to the gym to engage in Israeli culture, which included Israeli street art, beach games, food, bead making, bargaining in the shuk, etc. Sam Hirsburg proved his ability to dominate Israeli children’s games as he clearly dominated the game of Shalosh Makot which requires jumping over three sticks that are spanned over a long distance. The night ended with a long-lined game on limbo. Later that afternoon, mock chapters met to plan programs that will soon be presented to the entire CLTC body. After dinner, a "launch party" built excitement for International Convention 2015, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia this upcoming February. A night centered around International Convention exposed teens to this incredible opportunity that will allow them to continue other international BBYO experiences after CLTC. In the spirit of Atlanta, teens enjoyed coke and peach ice cream floats. Participants also jammed out on the dance floor and went on hay rides around camp. The entire night was high energy and exciting, and we hope to reunite CLTC 1 2014 at International Convention later this year.

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