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CLTC 2 Continues

Posted on 06/26/2014 @ 12:58 AM

Hi! Our names our Hana and Daniel. Today marks our 8th day of CLTC, and it was one of the best so far. Dorm 2 was Dorm of the Day, and the theme throughout the day was to appreciate the kitchen staff. Without them, how would we ever have enough energy to last us through our busy days? We started off the day with Jason’s beautiful Shacharit service that our Jewish educator, Debra, helped him plan. We talked about how even though we are all small parts of a huge planet, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still make a difference from where we are right here. In addition, we discussed how we shouldn’t take the smaller things in life for granted. Jason did an awesome job leading the service. We then split up into our “things” and had another discussion about recruiting new members. The main focus of the discussion was getting over roadblocks in the recruiting process, with different strategies and ways to approach these roadblocks. We want to make sure that every teen has an equal chance to be a part of BBYO. Later in the day, we watched a short movie called “The Tribe,” which helped us understand that we should celebrate our differences, rather than fight over them. Later on, one of the chapters, Kolot Yafot (“Beautiful Voices”), dorm 3, lead a meaningful program on bullying, where some of them shared personal stories in which they were all victims of bullying. Everyone got a small amount of Play-doh, and we each carved out an insecurity of ours. We then mashed it up, symbolizing the first step of being happier and more confident in ourselves. Finally, to end our busy day we learned about IC, or International Convention, held in Atlanta, GA. We ate peach crumble and danced for hours, as we all bonded through music and fun. As usual, we had an intimate friendship circle at the end and went to bed. Leila Tov!!

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