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CLTC 2 Explores Our Jewish Identity

Posted on 06/25/2014 @ 12:20 AM

Hi, our names are Vanessa Mandel and Leetal Pinko from KIO and NRE region. Throughout the day today there were different programs on exploring your Judaism. We did an educational and fun activity where we added beads to a bracelet that represented the different values and practices of Judaism. Just to name a few- culture, traditions, social action and more. By discussing with others we discovered that no bracelet was alike. Another similar program today that helped us express our Judaism was coloring Jewish stars with different colors that represented different practices and values. In addition we sat in a circle and each said an important value of Judaism that was important to us. Through these programs, we learned that everyone expresses Judaism in their own way, however it does not mean one is better than the other. Each one of us has different values and traditions that make us different. It was interesting learning about everyone’s different ways of practicing the same religion. Submitted with undying love for Ruach BBG #1814, CLTC 2 2014, and the amazing programs, we forever remain Vanessa Mandel and Leetal Pinko

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