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CLTC 2 First Full Day

Posted on 06/19/2014 @ 11:40 AM

My name is Daniella Rabin and I am a member of Shoshana BBG #1613 in the Keystone Mountain Region of Pittsburgh, PA. I had no idea what to expect coming in to CLTC. All of my sister BBG’s in my home region had told me I absolutely have to do it so I thought, why not give it a try? I have nothing to lose. I am so thankful they told me to come because this has been the most amazing experience. I have made such amazing bonds, learned so much, and had an extremely fun time so far. I have already learned from the mock chapters, and the interactive programing relating to our heritage, beliefs, and jewish values. I definitely cannot forget about the countless amount of ice breakers guaranteeing I know every single thing about every individual here now. Earlier today in my mock chapter meeting, all of the girls had commented on how close, comfortable, confident, and happy we all feel around each other in only the 30 hours we have been here. One of my favorite things we have done so far was an all day activity where self confidence boosting and complimentary notes were passed through the individuals of our CLTC, really making everyone feel good and more comfortable here. I am looking forward to everything coming up especially elections and more programing. I also look forward to becoming closer with my sister BBG’s and Alephs to create memories I will most definitely never forget. I absolutely love it here and am taking in and cherishing every moment CLTC 2 2014 has to offer!

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