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CLTC 2 Shabbat Reflections

Posted on 06/22/2014 @ 12:40 AM

I have enjoyed every second of my CLTC experience so far. We have become a community in only 4ish days. I can say without a doubt I have made some best friends for life here. –Jared Steckl

Today during Shabbat we truly became a community. We all had a great time and saw what BBYO is truly about. –Sam Levinson

What has CLTC 2 2014 been so far? The best leadership training and motivation I have ever experienced? Yes. Standard BBYO-grade food? Yes. But most importantly, CLTC 2 2014 has been 4 and a half days of pure euphoria. From the Ramon-style Lai-Lai’s at meals to the countless accrued penance points that stretched into the wee hours of the morning to inside joke upon inside joke between Alephs, CLTC has been a blast. Although Simon Wiesenthal AZA #2524 will always be my true heart and home, I have astounded myself at how close I have become to my brother Alephs in Hamentashen AZA #8675309 (yes, it’s from the song). I’d like to give a huge shout out to Daniel “Scruffy” Maneloveg, Jason Joseph, Joe “Texas” Schwartzberg, Grey Silverman, Grant “Champion” Campion, Joey Garber, Nir Diskin, Amit Koppel, Jeremy Kopelman, Ethan Friedman, and Jared Shapiro for being such incredible, loving people. I’d also like to thank Rachel “Trees” Heilbronner, Deborah “Sprinkles” Fricano for being our chapter advisors/sanity checkers and simply amazing people. Thank you also to Stephen Brickman for dedicating hours to work with the rest of the musicians and me to create what will be a jaw-dropping friendship circle for the rest of CLTC. Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank Ellen Goldstein for putting up with all 94 of us hysterical high schoolers. I’m missing you all back home, and I’ll have so many stories to tell you all. Always an Aleph, Never too many. Never too strong. -Dylan Moreland

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