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Jacob Remels AZA: The Origin Story

Posted on 07/14/2016 @ 09:00 PM

Before CLTC, we were brothers that were not united. Now we are brothers for life in Jacob Remels AZA #6.

Our CLTC chapter is named after Jacob Remels, an Aleph from Douglas Loeb AZA #1521 who tragically passed away 6 months ago. While sitting in our mock chapter discussing potential names that we could call our new home, our brother Aleph Zac Fleishman proposed naming our chapter in his honor. Zac and Jacob were best friends and Jacob really inspired him to go on CLTC.

Once we had a chapter name we discussed how he also went to CLTC 6 last summer, which prompted us to make that our chapter number. We needed a mascot and we used the Cardinals, which is the school mascot of Jacob’s former high school. We also used the colors of the University of Texas, burnt orange and white, as our chapter colors. These are also the colors of Loeb AZA.

In keeping this honor we are going to mail our CLTC chapter banner to Jacob’s heart and home of Loeb AZA and to further the honor we are going to make memorable experiences for everyone at CLTC 6 2016. After coming back from CLTC 6, Jacob told Zac that it had been “the best 12 days of his life”. We believe that the biggest tribute we can pay to Jacob is by making sure that our 12 days at this program are the best they can be.

Fraternally submitted with undying love, we forever remain the Alephs of Jacob Remels AZA #6.

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