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The Rise of Jacob Remels AZA

Posted on 07/20/2016 @ 09:00 PM

It is day 8 of CLTC 6 and day 4 of the existence of our chapter, Jacob Remels AZA. All members are effectively doing their assignments in order to have an amazing program and presentation at “CLTC presents.”

Last Friday, we had elections and chose our Godol, Andy Kotz. So far we have seen outstanding leadership as he makes sure all board members and committee members are attentive while they accomplish their work.  He is also heading the banner committee. The banner includes a combination of Remels AZA colors and the Israeli flag.  Other committees in our chapter include song committee, shirt committee, Shabbat committee, and the programming committee.

Last Saturday we planned a Havdallah service to remember. It included tea light candles that spelled out “CLTC”, and spotlighted many members of our chapter talking about who they were before BBYO and who they have become as Alephs. We concluded the service with singing B’ttzelem Elohim and Sweet Mother.

Minutes later, the cheer circles began. “ALLO MAYA ALLO MAYA,” shouted thirty Alephs as we shared how proud we are to be in BBYO. Then we heard, “ identity. Identity. Who am I a BBG,” as the BBGs proclaimed their love for BBYO and BBG.

Two days later Monday evening arrived and we participated in the March of the Living program. We learned about the concentration camps of the Holocaust and the various efforts that the Nazis used to exterminate the Jews. Shortly after we were shown a video that helped show us how important Israel is to the Jewish people. The video showed that teens went on an emotional roller coaster as the trip transitioned from Poland to Israel. The program inspired many of us to attend MOTL in the future.

Yesterday, we had a Maccabiah color war. The four teams represented countries that BBYO partners with. There was White Israel, Blue Argentina, Green Bulgaria and Red UK & Ireland. Activities for the day included group relays, team spirit, team songs/skits and cheers, and finally electives that included sports and activities like Family Feud. In the end, Margaux and Stephen led team Israel to victory.

Finally, the night ended with an International Convention launch party. Over 2500 teen leaders from all across the world attended International Convention this past year. Dallas, TX is hosting IC this year and numbers are expected to increase.

CLTC is fantastic and to all parents reading this I hope you will share our experiences and stories with your friends and their kids as well as your own children

Fraternally submitted with undying love for Jacob Remels AZA #6 and CLTC 6 2016.

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