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Teen Poems at CLTC 6

Posted on 07/16/2016 @ 10:00 PM

Today we had our first chapter program. As part of the program, the participants were asked to write in their journals about where they come from and about their past. Here are two beautiful poems written by two of our amazing teens!

I am from guitars, from Fenders and Martins. I am from the farmland vastly expanding. (Dry, brown, mostly deserted) From long nights dancing in the fields. I am from the grapefruit, trees, and grape vines. I am from Pesachs and laughter, from Kasanoff And Hirst and Brody and Etter I am from the arguing and leaving. From have faith in all, yet live to thrive on your own. I am from the dimly lit Shabbos candles, burning slowly to the bottom. I am from Texas and sweet tea and pecan pie. From siblings stick together because people always leave. I am from fake smiled family, pictures and empty tears and coffee spilled on the floor. These moments encourage and inspire. I am my own person, searching for my way.

~Neely Kasanoff

I am from videogames, from UTZ pretzels, and sodium-chloride. I am from the hill on top of Laurel Acres, at sunset and sunrise. I am the thriving sunflowers that constantly rise and rise every year as if G-d’s hand pulls them up. I am from short pass-overs then Afikomen hunt, hazel eyes, and hammy-downs of my father’s, preceded by his. I am from a hyper-active child looking for a long-lost soulmate come a 12 house neighborhood. Soft pretzels, brownies, and pie, all catch one’s eye as they approach my South Jersey. From the Kidney Stones of my dad’s to the stepping stones of a new house, I sift into a tensive state of mind. I am of those moments, the roller-coaster of life, right when everything hits the drop, an underlying reassurance tells you it is going to be alright.

~Zachary Snider

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