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CLTC 3 Update: June 29th 2013

Posted on 06/29/2013 @ 11:58 PM

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Here is what the teens have to say about their experience at CLTC so far!

"Planning and leading programs/services at CLTC has shown me the courage it takes, and taught me to respect the people that put hard work in to make us enjoy ourselves." Keaton Butowsky NTO

"You can truly emerge as a leader and have a second chance at being a new person. CLTC are becoming the best days of my life" Jonathan Shaham PWR

"Once you enter the CLTC grounds you transform into a completely different person making a whole new group of friends from all around the U.S. you never imagined that you could have" Ari Levenson PWR

Tonight the coordinators, Alex Finkelstein and Jenna Kress, ran a program about standing up for each other and not using words that are hurtful to others.

"I learned there are so many people around the world who are so accepting and so many of them are at CLTC. It's reassuring to know I have so many new friends who are like that" Meredith Galanti Southern – Atlanta Council

"It was cool seeing how everyone right as they said bad words they called them out, and all the things we can do to make a difference." Florencia Laber CRW

Here are some thoughts from the staff on being a part of the CLTC experience!

“Working as a Madrich so far this summer has allowed me to continue to give back to BBYO, and especially CLTC. I have logistically helped keep the program excellent, while enjoying connecting with inspired teens looking to make a difference in their communities. It has also been a privilege to be a part of the first Beber CLTC Madrichim team, and establishing the role for the future of the program.” Zach Rosen, Madrich

“Having the opportunity to be a part of CLTC has been an amazing experience. It is genuinely inspiring to see so many Jewish teen leaders come together from across the country to participate and learn from this program. I am very grateful to be working here and giving back to the organization that gave me so much as a teen.” Lauren Simon, Administrative Assistant and Madricha

“I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity every day. How many people are lucky enough to say that they love their job all the time? Being a graduate from BBYO in 2012, I feel reconnected to the greatest part of my years in high school. Between my colleagues and the teens from each session, my days spent at Beber are always exciting!” Taylor Padawer, Madricha

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