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Day in the Life of a Coordinator

Posted on 07/28/2011 @ 11:28 PM

Boker tov! Today was our first full day at Beber. Unified as a CLTC body, we stood in a half-circle around the flagpole to sing Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah. A designated AZA chapter explained personal connections to one of The Seven Cardinal Principals by which the International Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph strives to exemplify in daily life.

After this and breakfast, we participated in a very unique and revitalizing Shacharit service, which involved a little bit of early-morning stretching. From there, everyone broke into their rotation groups (either N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, or 98 Degrees) for Rikudim (Israeli Dancing), Shirim (Song) and a Jewish Experience class for a text-study and a lesson about Jewish leaders.

From there, we had lunch and a short break, followed by a leadership session on Chapter Election Procedures. Participants spent their first Chofesh (free time) at the canteen buying food, in their dorms catching up on sleep, or expanding their physical and internal boundaries by exploring the camp and making new friends.

After dinner, Josh and I lead separate AZA and BBG education sessions where teens learned and taught what they know about the dynamics of the International Order of BBYO.

This lead into a program called “Junkyard Wars,” where participants showed their spirit for their mock chapters and team-building skills while constructing designs from recycled objects.

Teens had a fun night of Israel Dancing, s’mores, and a friendship circle where they enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the group about their experiences thus far and give shout outs to their new friends. It was wonderful to hear confirmation that everyone is benefitting from programs, building connections, and generally loving the time they spend here at CLTC.

Time for bed, Leila Tov! B’shalom, Emily


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