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A Message from the Presidents of CLTC 5

Posted on 07/14/2011 @ 01:28 PM

So far my CLTC experience has been outstanding. The people are amazing and I love the coordinators so much (Brian Meyer and Sam Metz). My favorite part besides being elected Godol of Zachor AZA is the Jewish Experiences part of the rotations we’ve had. I have never been able to openly talk about G-d before. That truly was amazing. I am planning to take the experience of being Godol home to Oseh Shalom BBYO #5261 confidently to a top position. -Benjamin Weinstein

So far my CLTC experience has been amazing. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. We just had elections and I was elected my Chapter Godol. I love my chapter, it’s a great group of guys and we’re already close after four days. The coordinators and staff are incredible. Programs are amazing. I’m learning how to sing, dance (two skills I never had) and how to start a chapter. The next nine days are going to go by way too fast. Shoutout to Baltimore Council and Gideon AZA #2519. -Aleph Ben Snyder

So far my CLTC has been fantastic! I have met so many new people and they are all very nice. I am the newly elected Godol of Chazak Echad #247. My chapter may be the smallest of the 3 chapters with 12 alephs, but I think we have potential to be the best. So far I have had so much fun in the rotations, the coordinators are beastmode, and staff is amazing. The guys in my chapter are some of the best guys. They have taught me so much in these past 2 days. These next nine days better go slow. Shout out to Baltimore Council #59 and NRE -I remain Aleph Jake Bass

Already, I am in love with CLTC and everyone here. It may sound cliché, but I literally love everyone. The programming is meaningful and intense, yet it is so much fun! Our coordinators could not be better at making everyone feel welcome! I’m learning about my Jewish identity, God, and how I’m growing as a leader. I was just elected N’siah (President) of my chapter Lev Amitz BBG. I am ecstatic to serve. I can tell our chapter has so much potential in everything we’re going to do. I’m so excited to go take my newly learned skills home and apply them to my chapter. Peace. Love. CLTC 5 2011! -Carly Kempler NRE DC Council

So far, CLTC has been amazing! I came here knowing no one and already made so many friends. I was just elected N’siah of Par-Paray Hatikvah and I can’t wait to lead my chapter for the next week and a half. I ran for N’siah to learn how to be a strong confident leader, and I believe this will truly help me along the way. I want to take the leadership skills I will learn back to home chapter, Sally Blum and really understand BBG. -Chloe Staffin North Texas Oklahoma Region

CLTC has been the most amazing experience! I came here not knowing anyone and no one was from my region. I did not think three days of knowing someone could bring you so close. I feel the people at CLTC 5 have been my best friends for life. I just got elected as N’siah of my mock chapter, L’olam Vaed. I feel this will be a great experience for others in my in my chapter and myself. I hope I can lead them to good sisterhood throughout the twelve days here! -Mara Michel, Eastern Region NC Council


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