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CLTC 4 Brandon Hunter

Posted on 07/07/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc4

On Friday, we had Chugim where the kids could choose an activity to go to. One of our sessions was creative writing. Brandon Hunter (NRE-NoVa) wrote this poem at chugim to share with the CLTC Community.

Songs Are Like The Sunrise

Songs are like the sunrise, It looks different through everybody’s eyes.

It brings joy in so many different ways, All of those bright sun rays.

This beauty doesn’t last for long, So enjoy listening to that song.

The rising sun can give you some hope, Going through something tough music can help you cope.

It’s a very nice way to start the day, With whatever the artist wants to say.

Listening to music can be so fun, So is watching the rising of the morning sun.

Songs can convey a message to deliver, The sun gives us warmth so we do not have to shiver.

Listen to a song or watch the morning sun, Now you can chose both or just one.

-Brandon Hunter

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