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CLTC 4 Maxwell Cahn

Posted on 07/04/2013 @ 11:30 PM

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Today is our third day at CLTC but since the minute I stepped off the plane into the Pittsburgh airport it has been a learning experience. So far we have had multiple experiences teaching us things about leadership, team building, Judaism, and ourselves. My favorite part of the programming so far has been when we separate into our mock chapters.

My mock chapters name is Bonim AZA which translates to “builders AZA” our chapter chose this name democratically; it was something we could all identify with because in our chapter we knew we would be building up our knowledge of the order, building friendships, and building a successful chapter.

I am really looking forward to the programming today, our coordinators Justin “JZ” Zimmerman and Harper Weisberg are two of the nicest people I have ever met, they really are true leaders and deserve the coordinator positions. The programming they have created is really good and I look forward to learning more from them over the next 9 days. CLTC is an awesome program and I strongly suggest it to anyone considering for next summer!

Fraternally Submitted, with undying love for

The Greater Jersey Hudson River Region #22, R’ut BBYO #5223, Bonim AZA #0.97, and CLTC 4 2013,

I forever remain,

Aleph Maxwell David Cahn

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