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CLTC 6 Samantha Waldman

Posted on 07/18/2013 @ 11:30 PM

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Hey! I'm Sam Waldman, Damn proud BBG and excited to be at CLTC.

Okay so lets do a recap of CLTC so far. I promise to do an honest account of our first day so... Here it is. The first day of CLTC in one word: awkward. It's always awkward meeting new people. There are one hundred and two participants at CLTC 6. Add the staff. Subtract the 11 kids from my heart and home South Jersey Region #35. That still leaves over 91 new people to meet. So let's multiply awkward by at least 91. Pretty bad right? WRONG! Because I forgot to take into account what makes any situation less awkward, less scary. A common bond. EVERYONE here is Jewish and we ALL love BBYO. So once all the awkward cancels out, what are we left with? 100 plus people screaming during Shira, toughing Bethany's mountainous terrain, all of us ready for the next day.

CLTC is advertised as the best 12 days of your life, but when you actually get here, you realize it's not just a slogan. I learned that Alephs AREN'T scary. I learned that girls and guys from different regions can meet in person for the first time and feel a connection just by being here. I learned that spooey parties in your dorm room WILL make your entire chapter come running. Last but not least, I learned that I truly LOVE BBG with more passion and heart than I thought possible. I learned that this organization is something I cannot live without.

Submitted, with undying love for

Spooey, CLTC 6 2013, Grant Hansell, Judith Cohen, Buzz Lightyear, Red Yellow and Sparkles, South Jersey Region #35, the 52nd Regional Board, Red Robin... YUM, To Infinity and Beyond, 221 B, my lack of arm strength during team building, Tovah BBG #2406, Sh'licha, passion, Havdallah services, Shira, my guitar I left at home, Alison Nicole Mautner, Felicia Nadine Gans, Ein Sof BBG #314, and first day awkwardness,

I forever remain,

Samantha Jill Waldman

Damn proud B'nai B'rith Girl and CLTC 6 Participant.

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