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CLTC 6 Valerie

Posted on 07/23/2013 @ 11:30 PM

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On July 20th 2013 atCLTC 6 had an amazing Shabbat! We woke up and went to a beautiful service, we sang and clapped and cheered and prayed! Then we learned about different types of people, and how to be successful. I learned so much from this program. I learned how to work with others based on my style of working and their style of working. After that we ate a delicious lunch and prayed and everyone had so much fun!

Following our lunch, we collaborated in little groups to put on a play. Each group did a different act and it was so fun! Lots of laughs were shared and everyone was smiling. Then we got to have free time where we could go to the gym, be with friends, sleep, or anything you really wanted! (Within limits) After our free time we ate dinner, immediately after dinner we had an inspirational program where we learned about stereotypical names and how words affect each other! Every person took away from it and it was such a moving program. After that, we split up into boys and girls and learned our spirit cheers and chants! It was so much fun and we screamed and jumped and laughed! Following the cheering, we went to a Havdallah service.

This was by far the best Havdallah I’ve ever experienced. Everyone was unified and was filled with passion. We sat in a circle around candles and sang songs. It was so moving and was spectacular. Following that we walked outside and had spirit circles where we demonstrated the cheers we had learned before that! It was so fun and loud and everyone was screaming and chanting! After that we got to eat cake, and then we stood in a circle and started talking about our days.

This was amazing; so many people got so emotional and were crying. We are such a close group of people and the emotion in the atmosphere was overwhelming. We stood and sang and so many people continued to cry. This was the best experience of my life, after four days, we were all so close that we could all cry and help each other. CLTC is the best experience I’ve ever had and yesterday made it all the more special!

Submitted with Undying Love

I Forever Remain,

Valerie Weitz

Damn Proud B'nai B'rith Girl

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