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CLTC 4 Matt Ludwig

Posted on 07/05/2013 @ 11:30 PM

Tags: cltc4

This year I moved from one region (GCR) to another region (GJHRR Northern Council) and because of this I have experienced many new ways of running a chapter that I am not used to.

If I could take back my time here at CLTC 4, I wouldn’t. I have learned so many things about how different regions lead their chapters differently, also how we all run our chapters similarly. I have learned some things that my chapter does wrong during board meetings, normal meetings, and other proceedings and now I can come back and try to fix those problems.

Aside from what you learn, if you are worried about the people like I was, don’t be. I came here with 4 people I knew and now only on the second day I know almost everyone and we are all quickly becoming friends. Everyone is nice and no one judges you for what you do because we are all a little bit weird! Also, whenever there is a good meal eat as much of it as possible and fill up your water bottles often.

Fraternally Submitted with Undying Love,

I remain,

Aleph Matt Ludwig

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