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Message from Jesse - CLTC 2

Posted on 06/28/2011 @ 06:04 PM

Hello and welcome to the CLTC blog page!

I am Jesse Schor, AZA Teen Coordinator for CLTC 2 2011!

We've reached a point in the conference where people are realizing the little amount of time left here. After an emotional Friday night Shabbat service, songs like "Hey Jude" by The Beatles brought out many of the participants emotions.

Following a moment of reflection in between the service, the true faces of many of the participants came out which strengthened the bonds between everyone.

This led us to an amazing Havdallah service on Saturday night planned by one of the AZA chapters. The program began with a trust walk to one of the courtyards of the camp where we continued the service with prayers and songs. Havdallah concluded and Irene and I began a cheer session with the kids that led into a large Hinei Matov with everyone at CLTC.

The first Shabbat was incredible overall and really helped bring everyone together. It was extremely moving to see everyone bonding over the Sabbath.

The next day, as a CLTC body, we went to the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game! The game was very exciting as was the opportunity to leave Bethany Camp.

The participants loved being at the ballpark with all their friends. The game was a blast, even though in the end the Pirates lost. Being the first CLTC to ever leave the camp site was truly an exciting experience. Once we got back to Bethany, Irene and I battled in an intense game of Jello Jousting! The jousting helped decide who would get to choose folds first for their chapter's program.

In only a short time, I defeated Irene giving the AZAs the first choice. The chapter's Vice President's (S'gan's) then battled to see which chapter would choose first. This repeated with the girls as well. The jousting was a fun way to help chapters choose their folds and we are all awaiting the exciting programs in the next few days.

Be sure to keep up with the blog and CLTC 2 2011!

Thanks for reading!

Fraternally Submitted,

Jesse Schor


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