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Message from Carly Shapiro (NRE- D.C.) - CLTC 2

Posted on 06/29/2011 @ 04:40 PM

Hi, I am Carly Shapiro from NRE. I am going into my sophomore year of high school.

I decided to come to CLTC this summer because I heard it is such an incredible experience. Upon arriving, I realized what an amazing opportunity it is to be able to meet other Jewish teens from all over the country. I have made some friends that I hope to continue to keep in touch with for many, many years.

At CLTC, I got the opportunity to be my mock chapter's Sh'licha. While taking on this role, I led the planning of a Saturday morning Shabbat service and will eventually lead the planning of a Havdalah service. My chapter focused on the theme within the week's Torah portion and built a very meaningful service.

It really suprised me that such a diverse group of people could merge their ideas together to create something so special.

Through my experiences at CLTC I have definitely learned so much more about BBYO. Aspects of chapter meetings and regional concepts that I did not understand before or no one took the time to explain to me were described in detail. The staff do an excellent job at explaining as well as listening to and improving our ideas. I have learned how to balance a leadership role with being an ordinary chapter member. I feel that I have so many new program ideas and a lot of knowledge that I can take back and apply within my chapter at home.

My favorite program so far was a program based on Jewish Heritage and Education, two BBG folds. We used different colored paints to represent different customs represented within the Jewish population. It opened my eyes to different customs and showed me that even though there are so many different practices and customs, BBYO teens can come together to learn from each other and act as one.

With undying love for Achayot Lechayim BBG #1618, DC council, NRE, Ahavah BBG #2289, and every Jewish teen in the world,

I remain,

Carly Ellen Shapiro


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