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Message from Halle Herman (KIO) - CLTC 4

Posted on 07/13/2011 @ 04:40 PM

Hello everyone! My name is Halle Herman and I am from the region KIO (Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio). Where do I even begin? First let me start off by saying that CLTC 4 is nothing close to what my expectations were when I pulled up in my mom’s awesome mini van with three of my closest friends. I came with my friend Sammy from Maryland along with Hilary and Emily who are from Columbus, Ohio just like myself. Let me just say that when we pulled up, we were way more nervous than excited literally begging to turn around and go home like little babies. But our wise (but not old J) mothers encouraged us to stay and told us that we would have an amazing time. For once in my life I will honestly and openly say that my mom could not have been more accurate. Take it in mom, me admitting this is a once in a lifetime chance- a once in a lifetime chance just like CLTC. Today I am sitting here writing to all of you during my eighth day at CLTC 4, 2011 and I am so glad that I did not turn around and go home. BBYO’s summer program motto is “find yourself here”. These past two weeks, I have not only learned who I am as a leader but also who I am as a person. I’ve made lifelong friendships with people from California, Connecticut, North Carolina and so many more. My new friends have taught me more about myself in the past eight days than I have learned about myself in past fifteen years of my life. Through every aspect of CLTC my fellow leaders and I have truly realized that this was an opportunity of a lifetime. I could tell all of you amazing stories of my experience here at Bethany College in West Virginia (a.k.a. the middle of NOWHERE), but you will never understand the value and importance of this short and meaningful two weeks. It’s something that you need to experience in order to truly understand that BBYO is a place where you can find yourself.


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