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Message from Josh Becker (SJR)-CLTC 2

Posted on 06/29/2011 @ 04:40 PM

I'm Josh Becker from South Jersey Region #35, Marlcrest AZA #2149 and I am currently attending CLTC 2 2011.

I am sixteen years old and going to be a senior next year. I'm not sure why I waited to go to CLTC, I guess I just thought I had better things to do with my summer. I was sadly mistaken. By the second day of this summer program I was loving every second of it. From the minute I landed in Pittsburgh I have been meeting people from all over the country and by the time I got situated in my dorm, I knew every guy at CLTC.

Since landing I have learned how to be a leader. I know it sounds cliche, but I have completely dropped my fear of speaking in front of crowds and I won godol for my chapter (Kadima AZA #613). I mostly enjoy the programs with Rebecca Ungerman, in which we talk about how to connect judaism with programs in our chapters at home.

I can already think of 10 ideas to bring back to my chapter. I also enjoy minyan, which is an optional morning service. I truly feel like I have a deeper connection with my "jewishness", almost as deep as when I went to Israel with my confirmation class. The song sessions are quite intense and I feel like I am connecting with everyone inside and outside my chapter.

I would definitely suggest CLTC; as a previous "non-believer" in the magic of CLTC I think that everyone who wants to become a leader in BBYO should attend CLTC.


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