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Message from Kami Salman (NSR) - CLTC 4

Posted on 07/13/2011 @ 04:40 PM

Shalom! I’m Kami Salman from Nassau-Suffolk Region. The past 9 days have been life changing. Honestly, CLTC has allowed me to become a nicer person by accepting all types of people and standing up for anti-bullying and most importantly inclusion…nobody should ever feel as if they don’t matter or that they are left behind. Another trait that CLTC has allowed me to adapt are the traits for becoming a better leader by setting an example of who I am and most importantly representing bbyo. There were all these unique rotations on public speaking, learning how to market your events as well as thinking on the spot by using out of the box ways to create ideas, for example lets say you are really stuck…you can have two people think of a word and then base a program off of those two words. Another main aspect of learning leadership is by following the seven highly habits of effective teens. We started with being proactive and learning how to take responsibility for your life and then we end with sharpening the saw and educating yourself that is okay to take me time and renew yourself regularly. This habit increases our capacity to live all the other habits of effectiveness. CLTC allows you to change not only for the better of your chapter but even more as a person. Instead of drawing to conclusions you need to begin with the end in mind and control your own destiny or someone else this allows you to define your goals in life. I am so thankful for having this amazing opportunity to go on CLTC. I will never regret learning how to work with people in difficult situations and most of all using all the positive traits that cltc enforces!


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