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Message from Lindsey Rubin (NRE-NoVA) - CLTC 6

Posted on 07/26/2011 @ 04:40 PM

For months my chapter told me "CLTC will be the best 12 days of your life"and I honestly didn't believe them. Today is day 7 and none of their comments were exaggerated. I have made friends form Canada, California, Michigan and everywhere in between, meeting some of the most amazing people ever! I remember walking through the airport last Tuesday and it feels like it's been weeks instead of barely seven days. All of the programing has been phenomenal but my favorite was Stand-Up which we had a few days ago. Stand-Up gave everyone in my chapter the opportunity to express what causes matter to them and many of us found common ground. We realized we all felt strongly about a few causes that had personally touched our own lives whether through friends or family. On the first day we took a tour of Bethany and everyone one was complaining about the massive hills but every day the walk doesn't seem as bad as the day before (not that I recommend it). Shira (singing/song session) is my favorite part of every day. While I am enjoying the opportunity to learn so much about BBYO and myself, the connection you can feel when we all sing together is amazing. Personally I believe whenever you put almost 100 people together singing the same song the meaning goes even deeper. After how amazing the first 7 days have been I know the next 5 ( I can't believe there's only 5 left) will be even more amazing. With undying love for Shirat Devorah BBG #216, Lahat BBG #0339, Nemo, CLTC 6, Song Sessions everyday and fabulous fresh baked cookies, I forever remain, Lindsey Rubin


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