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Message from Sari Misek (No. Florida) - CLTC 6

Posted on 07/28/2011 @ 04:40 PM

Hi! My name is Sari Misek and I am here at CLTC 6! It is now day 9 and so far the program has been an amazing experience that I will remember forever, and I have learned so much information that I just can't wait to bring back to my chapter at home. One highlight of my time at CLTC has been the mock-chapter led programs. My chapter, Shirat Devorah BBG #216 (which translates to "Song of Deborah," inspired by Debbie Friedman), led a program involving the BBG folds of social action and community service. Our chapter programming committee organized a program on the topic of bullying, verbal abuse, and self esteem. We informed the CLTC community on definitions and statistics related to verbal abuse. They were all mind blowing! The highlight of the program was when all of the teens had a piece of paper taped to each of their backs and everybody wrote compliments and positive comments anonymously on the paper. The end result was that everyone looked at their papers and read over what was written. It put a smile on everyones face and had a great affect on people. All of the other chapters here put on amazing programs as well. Zecher AZA did invisible sports with the folds of athletic, judaism, and education. D'vash BBG put on a hide and seek program on globalization including BBG folds of recreation and sisterhood, and Kesher BBG held a 7 days of creation finger painting program with the folds of creativity and jewish heritage. Lastly, Marcus Ehrenpreis AZA held a program on people and their differences. All of the programs were well planned and were enjoyed by all! I now am going home with even more programs to put on for my chapter and region. CLTC is awesome, and I advise every BBG and AZA to try to come. It is a 12 day program you will never forget and you will leave with much education and great friendships!


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