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ILSI Update #2

Posted on 07/08/2011 @ 06:09 PM

Dear ILSI Parents, Family & Friends -

Hello again from Israel! I hope that you've all seen the first batch of pictures that were posted. The teens are having a great time and the group is forming a nice community. Our first days in Israel have been jam-packed and we hit the ground running for our first full day of learning and touring. Thursday morning, ILSI participants had their first seminar on campus and discussed the city of Jerusalem and history of Israel. Later in the afternoon, the teens did some great work and helped clean up one of the forest areas in Modi'in. We then went to Tel Aviv and enjoyed the early evening on the beach before heading into the city for a delicious dinner... just look at their faces!

Today, we did more learning, in and around Jerusalem. Our time there included: Touring the City of David (including a 3-D movie) and exploring Hezekiah's Tunnel, part of a water system that supplied the city, learning about the ancient Temple, and viewing the southern excavations. We also made our first visit to the Kotel, the Western or "wailing" wall considered the most holy and spiritual site of the Jewish people. We will visit the Kotel again during our travels.

Shabbat begins shortly and to prepare, many of the teens have volunteered to help lead creative services, Oneg Shabbat programs and Saturday electives. We will be spending our first Shabbat together on the AMHSI campus and we will begin connecting some of the dots from the first seminars and first Jerusalem experiences. We will relax, catch up on sleep and get ready for our first full week in Israel.

Again, everyone is doing very well and the staff here has been so impressed with the group so far. They've been wonderful about being on time and on task, and seem so eager to learn as much as they can. I know we are all looking forward to a restful and peaceful Shabbat.

We wish all of you back home a Good Shabbas and we'll be back in touch on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more updates... and all the best from Israel!

Shabbat Shalom - Todd

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