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ILTC 2012

Posted on 07/01/2012 @ 11:30 AM


This year at ILTC, participants teamed up together to form a media committee to portray the daily activities of camp life. In an attempt to help with communication a portion of the media committee has decided to focus on creating blogs several times a week. Three blogs are below: one focusing on Chofesh, one on evening programs and one relating to dorm life. The three advisors of the ILTC media committee hope you enjoy what our teens have worked on and that it can help you relate to what they are experiencing each day at Perlman. Along with the blogs below, click here to watch the first ever ILTC teen video newscast, “ILTV”. ILTV gives you an exclusive glimpse into ILTC 2012 here. You can also check out ILTC's participant made newsletter, The Perlman Post here. Also Check out all the latest ILTC photos here.

Freedom!!!!! A word that is commonly associated with Chofesh. For those of you that are not familiar with the term Chofesh it is a period of time everyday for the participants of ILTC to enjoy themselves through an activity of choice. Each day tends to provide for various different activities, and we are here to broadcast these activities to you...the valued reader. Tuesday June 26th was a rather interesting Chofesh since all participants were still unfamiliar with the camp and all other attendees. It featured a variety of different activities which included everything from an improvisational song session that featured a wide array of instruments to a humdrum pickup basketball game. The large quad is a popular hangout spot for groups of people as well as the common ultimate Frisbee game. The highlights of our very first Chofesh of ILTC 2012 included intense game of soccer tennis which went for almost the full length of Chofesh. The impromptu song session consisted of an ensemble of ukeleles and guitars. The music for the most part was improvised and uneventful but the magic moment was when Jessie Gorden played the guitar and harmonica simultaneously. The participants defeated the staff handily both basketball games (very low scoring games). Everyone enjoyed themselves to the fullest and are looking forward to tomorrow’s Chofesh. Signing off this has been, Sam Miller & Evan Dannenbaum Keep it classy y'all

Evening Program Blog #1 Welcome to ILTC 2012! You’re in for a hypnotic experience. Ronnie Baras, The Kosher hypnotist, visited Perlman Tuesday night. Over 200 teens and staff gathered for a performance from Oprah, the case of Glass and Luke Bryan. Dozens of teens volunteered to be put under the Kosher Hypnotist’s spell, but only a handful were successful and were put into a deep trance. Using his classically trained, soothing voice, the hypnotist convinced campers they were in a variety of performances and in a variety of places. Tamara Rizkalla was on Dancing with the Stars, Glee and believed she was at the holy Western Wall, causing her to begin sobbing. The hypnotized ILTC campers were under Ronnie Baras’ spell – singing, dancing, meeting celebrities and visiting foreign countries. The audience was under his spell as well, laughing hysterically and video taping their friends. Afterwards, Tamara said, “I felt overwhelmed because everyone was coming up to me saying, I was so funny, but I didn’t remember anything so I didn’t know why I was funny.” When those who had been hypnotized were woken from their trance they were bombarded with rounds of applause and questions about the time they spent in a hypnotic state. Ronnie Baras’ performance was a mesmerizing experience for the audience and the volunteers alike. With such an amazing start to our evening programs, we can’t wait to see what else is in store! Good evening! Allison and Mimi

Dorm Life Blog #1 It’s all right, because we’ve been Saved By the Bell! School is out and ILTC is in! We arrived at Perlman, each of us assigned to different dorms. There are four girls dorms themed after different time periods; girls dorm one is themed futuristic, dorm two is groovy themed after the 60s, dorm three is covered in scrunches and themed after the 80s, and dorm four is filled with TV shows and fun from the 90s. One of the highlights of the first night was when Dorm one literally “broke the ice.” Their dorm was given different utensils to break ice while learning characteristics about the individuals. Dorms three and four are using everyone’s unique taste in music to allow each girl to pick a song of the day and create dorm CDs; one of the many mementos that will be taken away from ILTC. By the basketball courts are four boys dorms. So far the dorms have been focusing on unique bonding experiences and building an AZA community at camp. These dorms are currently considered the most athletic “Men,” on Perlman’s campus. Dorm seven and eight are having a great time and have loved getting to know each other. Dorm six is quite comfortable with their newly renovated dorm. And Dorn nine could not be happier with the way each of their bonding sessions have gone so far. Even though the dorms are no Five Star Hotel, everyone is getting along fabulously. Girls bonding sessions have brought all the ladies together; the boys have also had interesting ice-breakers that have immediately created strong bonds. It is only a few days in to camp and already life long friendships have been formed both within dorms and throughout the ILTC community. Submitted with an undying love for ILTC 2012, We remain, Halle and Mara


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