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ILTC Roundup July 5

By ILTC 2010 Bloggers on 07/05/2010 @ 06:10 PM



Can you believe we're halfway through ILTC? Check out all the cool stuff we did to celebrate America's birthday and watch our progress through mock regions.

Top 10 Reasons Why The 4th Of July Made Us Proud To Be Americans
10. Everyone decked out in red white and blue all day long
9. During breakfast, song leader Eric Hunker became a human American flag
8. There were random bursts of songs throughout the day such as G-d Bless America and our national anthem
7. Evergreen chanted "USA! USA!" all day
6. The weather was sunny and beautiful!
5. We had a pool party!
4. The lifeguards at Perlman were so cool and from Australia!
3. We got to watch some ridiculous fireworks down by the lake
2. We got the chance to bust a move at a dance, and even show off how cool we are to some Perlman campers
1. Stargazing here in Starlight, PA was a great way to end the day.

Mock Regions Plan Real Programs
Yellow Brick Region is the first mock region to present their program. At the beginning, each region was asked to simulate a convention program for the rest of the participants. YBR has been working hard to create an experience like a MIT/AIT, or New Member, convention. Check back to see how they do!

Like Regions Like Each Other- And Not Just Like A Facebook "Like"
While ILTC is designed to help Alephs and BBGs across the order, some issues apply more specifically to a particular area. With this in mind, teens divided into groups of home regions with similar dynamics or problems to discuss issues and solutions. Teens were able to apply all the concepts and strategies taught in mock regions to their real home regions. Many found this extremely helpful and were inspired to change their regions for the better.


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