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By ILTC 2010 Bloggers on 07/13/2010 @ 06:10 PM



Here are some parting words from our blog writers. Thanks to everyone for an amazing ILTC!

“ILTC taught me the skills I need to make a difference in my community at home, BBYO or otherwise.” –Ian S. Donnelly, Gold Coast Region

“I can sum up my summer experience in 6 simple words; ILTC was the BOMB DOT COM” – Samantha Metz, Philadelphia Region<

“ILTC made me a better leader over all and gave me the skills to be even better”- aleph Raymond Eisenman, Gold Coast Region #51

“ILTC gave me great resources for my future in AZA and in life afterwards. Dorm 9 is awesome like it’s our job” – Robert Fertig, Brandeis AZA #1519

“BBYO boldly promises that every teen can find him or herself here. In the case of ILTC, I was able to find myself a place in the international order and discover a group of friends that will last far longer than Perlman’s hot water supply.”-Abigail Koffler, Big Apple Region #12

“I- informative
L- leadership
T- terrific
C- charismatic
ILTC was one of the best summer experiences I could have. I learned skills that will help me make EASTERN REGION the BEST region any other region has ever seen!“ – Gabrielle Lewis, Eastern Region #6

“ILTC may just be a silly little acronym to some people, but to me it means so much more. I met amazing people from across the world and learned more than I ever thought possible. I now have the tools to take back to my council, so Baltimore Council will still grow and thrive long after I graduate.” –Kristen Cabrera, Northern Region East: Baltimore Council #59

“ILTC was a great summer program. It helped me bring my leadership skills to a new level. I cannot wait to come home and apply everything I learned here to my region at home.” –Shira Hirsch, Pacific Coast Region #43 testt


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