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Day in the Life of a Bear

Posted on 07/08/2016 @ 03:23 PM

I wake up and rise from my cave seeing the sun rise over the horizon of the clear Perlman sky. I stretch by furry bear arms and get ready for my day of terror. I trudge out of the forest onto the soccer field, over the bridge and onto the basketball court. As I approach the court I see teens playing early morning basketball before breakfast. One of them left this little box with an bitten apple on the back, I pick it up and chomp down on it until it becomes mush. I keep walking and see a grown of kids walking, then they do this stupid thing where they scream with their high little voices and but there hands in the air. Then all of Perlman finally wakes up and I walk behind the dining hall to eat the scraps of whatever Chef Jeff made that day. As the teens leave the dining halls I grabbed this one kid and took a hunk out of his leg, the blood rushed down my throat and satisfied my hunger. The kid stumbled along to Katz for blueprint framing. After Ian talks for so long, I get bored again and decide to find another camper to snack on, I take the next victim and eat him whole. As he went down into my stomach his name tag came back up. I realize that if I leave the name tag on the ground staff will come after me with those darts that I can’t remember what they do right now. I take the name tag and put it on the Perlman tree. As I reach my paw for the top branch I get a claw stuck on the lights wrapped around it. I struggle to get free and rip all the lights off the tree. Since the teens are still in blueprint, I decide to take the lights and wrap them around the staff lounge, while I’m doing that I see the food they have and run in to take a bite. I see a bag of chips and devour them. I come out and finally everyone is out again, they are eating a snack in the small quad. They are all enjoying their apples for snack which makes my very hungry. Now since I have already eaten two teens I’m in the mood for more food so I eat the Perlman tree since it’s a little healthier than human meat. Everyone leaves again and I continue to walk around camp. I go to the basketball court and want to shoot some hoops. I reach my paw for the ball but my claws pierce through the orange rubber and the remains of the ball soar through the air and lands right in front of Dorm 7. Finally it is time for lunch, I stumble to the dining hall and eat all the food scraps. After running around camp and eating all morning go back down the road, past the basketball court, over the bridge, onto the soccer field and into the wood to my cave to go to sleep until I have a brand new day at Perlman.

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