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First Evening Carnival

Posted on 07/08/2016 @ 03:28 PM

Written and Edited by Zachary Sachs and ILTC Creative Writing and Blogging. All photos displayed in this post were taken by Blake Ruskin.

Today’s the day. The day that many of the 200 teens have been counting down to for up to a year. It’s the day which starts the beginning of 19 days of fun, learning, spirit, brotherhood, sisterhood, and countless amounts of experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. This, of course, is the day in which everyone arrives for ILTC. From the time everyone arrived at the airport, the vibe of excitement and optimism filled the room. It started with the three hour bus ride to camp, which believe it or not, was not half bad. This provided both an opportunity to catch up with friends from around the world once again but also to meet many new smiling faces. By the time we arrived at camp and passed the B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp sign, the bus was immediately filled with cheering and joyful smiles. Upon arrival we unloaded everything from the bus, picked up our name tags, found our rooms, and eventually went to dinner. The camp was presented with Fajitas for dinner that night and they were as tasty as could be. The staff introduced themselves, gave a basic rundown of what to expect at camp over the next few days, and introduced a small rundown of rules in the camp. What happened next was something that none of the teens expected or could have even guessed. Ian Kandel, the Director of AZA/BBG and the teen movement, announced that there was a special treat for everyone. This treat was definitely one to remember. He said there was a carnival following the dinner and there were many different things to do. One thing he did also mention and also made this unique is that by participating in different activities you will receive raffle tickets. The raffle tickets will be used to enter into a drawing to win scholarships for BBYO’s International Convention in Dallas, TX. This got everyone excited and at the same time motivated to try as many games and activities as possible so they can collect as many raffle tickets as possible. Immediately following dinner, the entire ILTC got up and walked with enthusiasm to the soccer field. When we finally got to the soccer field, it was a tad overwhelming. This overwhelmingness was certainly a good thing and no where near anything bad. At first sight there were so many stations to go to. The first thing that caught many people's’ eyes were the animals. There were goats, rabbits, and ducks. It seemed everyone stopped by this area first, however it was not the highlight of the entire event. There were numerous other games and activities such as apple bobbing, human foosball, strength challenge, and a large scale game of pool to name a few. After a few hours went by it was finally time for the carnival to come to an end. Everyone had a great time and so many people earned so many raffle tickets while having fun and attending many activities. Later that night, the drawing for the International Convention scholarships went on.

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