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Happy 4th of July from ILTC!

Posted on 07/06/2010 @ 12:10 PM


Hello from ILTC!

Happy July 4th! What an incredible two days we have spent together at ILTC! The teens are really starting to form a community; dorms and mock regions have created cheers that they sing at meals, teens are making announcements at meals, and initiating their own group discussions, such as philosophical musings, during free time.

Friday: July 2nd

We celebrated three birthdays, Tanner Berman, Alec Berkley, and Ezra Sackett, and at dinner we sang them happy birthday and their dorms enjoyed warm chocolate cake!

7:45AM: Optional Shacharit (Morning Prayer): Led by Dorm 8 (Dorm of the Day)

8:30AM: Aruchat Boker (Breakfast)

9:30AM: All Region Meeting, Leadership Topic of the Day: Programming. Participants learned new ways of thinking about programming and participated in a 5 minute round robin with all the leadership staff about aspects of programming (Teen Connection, WOW, Utilizing Public Spaces, Programming Topics and Evaluation). Regions also began planning their region planned evening programs for ILTC.

11:45AM: Morning Snack

Noon: MRC meetings continued

1:00PM: Aruchat Tzoharaim (Lunch)


2:00PM: Creative Arts: Teens had their first creative arts session including everything from ceramics, 3D Art, 2D Art, improvisation, israeli dancing, lego modeling, jam band, intramural sports, and video yearbook. Each of the groups will make a presentation at ILTC Presents (talent show on the last night).

3:00PM: Officer Training: Teens continued to network with fellow officers and learn from each other new ideas and resources to improve their councils/regions and chapters.

4:00PM: Jewish Culture Rotation: Participants attended one of the following sessions: Rikkudim (Israeli Dancing), Shira (Singing), or a Judaic Value session.

5:00PM: Chofesh (Free Time): Teens spent most of Chofesh preparing for Shabbat.

6:30PM: Menorah Lighting: We all gathered in the large quad to light our ILTC menorah and transition from a busy week to a peaceful Shabbat. The theme of Shabbat, Press Pause, created a time for reflection and growth as a community.

7:00PM: Aruchat Erev (Dinner)

8:00PM: Shabbat Services: Several teens and our song leaders led us in a Friday Night Alive (musical) Shabbat service, in which their Kavanah (intention) skills learned during the Jewish Value sessions were incorporated to teach us about the prayers.

9:30PM: Evening Program, B’eit T’shuvah** Representatives: Doug and Shayna shared their stories of what brought them to B’eit T’shuvah and teens had the opportunity to ask questions. The program was very powerful, the teens sat silently and interested the entire time.

** Beit T'Shuvah is both a residential treatment center and a full-service congregation offering religious services, holiday celebrations and study. The mission of B’eit T’shuvah is to restore lost souls and return them to themselves, their families and the community through a healing community of Jewish spirituality, 12 Step recovery and psychotherapy.

Saturday, July 3rd

9:30AM: Aruchat Boker

10:15AM: Saturday Morning Services: Teens had the option of attending a meditative service or creative/traditional service.

11:45AM: Shabbat Elective: Teens choose between a variety of electives including meditation, Israeli culture, B’eit T’shuvah discussion, faith versus reason, change management, Jewish college life, the art of Chassidic melody, and Shira.

1:00PM: Aruchat Tzoharaim

2:00PM: Shabbat Elective

3:00PM: Chofesh: This was by far my favorite part of ILTC thus far! With all the hype of the World Cup, the teens decided to create an ILTC Cup! Almost the entire ILTC community gathered on the soccer field to watch Dorm 7 versus Dorm 9 (Dorm 5 versus Dorm 7 is today) compete. The game started with the singing of all four national anthems represented at ILTC (American, Canadian, Bulgarian, Israeli).

7:00PM: Aruchat Erev

8:00PM: B’eit T’shuvah Wrap Up: Our final B’eit T’shuvah guest, Rebecca, shared her story and teens asked any final questions.

9:30PM: Evening Program, Jewish Improv Night: Led by ILTC Leadership Staff, Lawrence Nadel, teens enjoyed four improvisation style games- their creativity never ceases to amaze me!

10:45PM: Group Rikkudim and Shira

11:15PM: Evening Snack We had a perfect Shabbat together and the day was wonderful!


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