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Color War!!!!

Posted on 07/04/2011 @ 06:00 PM


Cheering on the yellow team

Everything has erupted at ILTC! Every single year, ILTC presents an all out Color War and this year was no exception. Last night, we all gathered together for what we thought was a normal evening program. All of a sudden, the world of Mario came to life as Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach in front of the whole ILTC body! We were all divided up into teams and started right off the bat. We immediately changed into our team colors and started a game of Find the Staff Member. We devoured Perlman trying to find every staff member. After that, an all camp capture the flag game was started. After the night we had, I was incredibly excited to see what would happen the next day.

Waking up this morning was difficult, but decked out in all Yellow, I ran to the dining hall for our first challenge. We had to sit at our tables with our hands tied to our teammates. It was actually a lot harder than it seemed. The rest of the morning was full of Water Challenges, cheer sessions, and an all out relay race. Lunch was a silent one. The team who kept quiet the most won the points. Post-lunch challenges were all sports all the time. I played dodgeball and soccer for my team, along with swimming in the wet clothing relay. We were given a chance to change, then reported to the dining hall for dinner. At dinner we presented our team banner and songs.

Bulgarian participants speaking on their BBYO experiences

Cheering on the yellow team

Our day ended with Fireworks and a dance to celebrate the Fourth of July. At the dance, it was announced that the Green team had emerged victorious. All in all, I had a ton of fun at Color Wars, although I was completely exhausted and sore when it ended.

Written by Nate Schloss, Michigan Region

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