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Day Four, By Max K

Posted on 07/01/2011 @ 06:00 PM


Cheer Circles After Dinner

After an exciting first day of ILTC, we all could not wait to see what Jason, Sharon, and the rest of the staff had in store. The day started with services and breakfast followed by our Blueprint groups. In Blueprint, we focused on recruitment and membership involvement. After that, we had Jewish Heros where we talked about Deborah and the Israelites.

The day continued with a ravioli and bread sticks for lunch and a quick break before the day moved on. Next, we went to our committee meetings, which are our way of making ILTC ours and customizing the experience. Afterwards, we split into specific workshops that build certain leadership passions. They consisted of things such as WOW! Programming, fundraising, recruitment events and several others.


Teens Meeting Our Acclaimed Speaker, Ori Braufman

After Cofesh, we had a barbique for dinner. Spontaneously, a few people stood up and began the first song and cheer session of ILTC. Then, we broke into our evening program, a guest speaker. The speaker was Ori Braufman, a renowned author and scholar. He spoke about new and interesting ways to look at organizations as a whole and new ways to recruit and retain members. All in all this day was amazing and we cannot wait to see what is next.

Written by Max Klein, Mountain Region

As always, feel free to check out our other sources of ILTC Updates, Youtube ( ), Twitter (@ILTC2011 or #ILTC2011), and Smugmug ( ).


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