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Day Five, by Nate S

Posted on 07/01/2011 @ 06:02 PM


Singing the Canadian National Anthem during lunch

Nate Strauss here on the ILTC blog! In our Fourth day here at Camp Perlman, we are now in the grand swing of things when it comes to our Programming, Sleep Schedule, and Making new friends! Today began with Shacharit and Breakfast. Blueprint Groups met to discuss the aspect of Membership in our Regions and Chapters. Our morning ended with a meeting of our Committee Planning groups. Shout out to the Media Committee for running our awesome blog and Twitter accounts! After lunch, we had a planning session with our Creative Art selections to find out what we would be doing. My group is technically called the CRIBS group (like that show on MTV) but as a group we decided to break into two semi-groups and each choose our own idea. It was decided that my group would create our own video on the tips and tricks of Camp Perlman. Right before our daily break, we met with our Leadership 202 groups. I personally didn’t find the topic to be too interesting, but was willing to learn what I could. Friday being the day to start Shabbat, the whole camp was rumbling with excitement to get all dressed up and celebrate Shabbat with our newly formed ILTC family. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed taking pictures with all of my new friends (I’m not normally a fan of taking pictures). We had a Friday night service and enjoyed a great dinner. Right when our Shabbat evening program was announced, I know I was going to love it. Matt Bar from Bible Raps came to visit us and lead a program about his raps, his take on portions of the Biblical stories, and overall create a great atmosphere. All of our Shabbat planning committees did an amazing job with all of our services, the dining hall decorations, and the Israeli Dance session we had to finish our night. I had an incredible Shabbat experience this week. It was definitely something I could only find here at ITLC in Perlman, and I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything in the world.


Getting ready for Shabbat

Written by Nate Strauss, Michigan Region

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