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Day 6, By Hilary B

Posted on 07/02/2011 @ 06:00 PM


Creative Arts groups headed outside to enjoy the weather

Shalom from ILTC! This weekend we had our first Shabbat! Everyone was running around our dorm getting ready for Shabbat. It was crazy! Girls were sprawled all over my dorm trying to straighten each other’s hair and perfect their makeup. Then everyone congregated to the small quad where we took pictures. On Saturday we continued the exciting Shabbat atmosphere with three different choices of Shabbat services. I attended the “Creative Service” where we listened to music from our childhood and shared memories. It was fantastic! I continued my Shabbat with electives where I attended Genealogy with Glenn. It was so interesting to talk about where all our families are originally from. Most of us were from some of the same places too! I continued my day with Leadership 202 where I learned all about my leadership style. It was so cool! I found out I am “Human Resource.” This means that I care a lot about everyone else’s feelings. I thought that was so cool because I’m Regional MIT-Mom of Gold Coast Region and this will help me so much for this year! I have learned so much here at ILTC and I can’t wait to bring it back to GCR. Everyone here is so friendly and I can’t believe I have met so many new friends! From Los Angeles to Bulgaria there are people from EVERYWHERE! It is such a diverse and spirited group of teenagers! I can’t believe we only have 9 days left! The friends I have made here will last me a lifetime and I truly believe some of these girls will be bridesmaids at my wedding.

Written by Hilary Blank, Gold Coast Region

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