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Day Ten, by Rebecca B.

Posted on 07/06/2011 @ 06:05 PM


Working as regions outside

This morning, after breakfast, we split up into our Blueprint meetings. My group presented our Shabbat weekend programs that we had planned earlier. I was so glad everyone took it seriously because I felt that we ended up with some great ideas that I would love to take back to my region. We also started to plan our own Leadership Training weekend, which as a group we planned every aspect of to be presented and voted on the best by the participants. It's amazing how quickly we can plan something so huge, since we only had a few hours to plan our weekends. Our theme was "Jungle" and I can't wait to present tomorrow. After Blueprints, we split up into our regions to discuss things we wanted to take back home and implement in the real world. Since it was such a beautiful day, we met outside and enjoyed the sun while we discussed. Not only are the people from my region some of my best friends, but we work so well together that I know this year is going to be amazing because of ILTC. After lunch, I went to my creative arts elective, "Shabbat In A Box", where we learned about the symbolism behind wine at Shabbat and decorated our own Kiddush cups.

After dinner, the staff gave us an opportunity to ask them questions so we could benefit from their past experiences. Later, we participated in a teen led program that showed us the how important AZA and BBG are to one another and how synergy can make the two entities into a better BBYO. After sunset, we gathered around a campfire to roast marshmallows, make smores and to bond with our fellow participants. It was an amazing end to an outstanding day and, as always, I'm excited for tomorrow.


Gathering around the campfire

Next, we learned about an international initiative to "Stand Up" for each other. We had several different rotations, each teaching us different aspects of acceptance. We ended the day with a competition of making origami stars with out blueprint groups. Although at first most groups struggled, most were able to get into a groove and successfully make a good number of stars. This day was one of fun and learning, and I cannot wait to see how ILTC ends up.

Written by Rachel Baer, Mountain Region

As always, feel free to check out our other sources of ILTC Updates, Youtube ( ), Twitter (@ILTC2011 or #ILTC2011), and Smugmug ( ).


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