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ILTC in Review

Posted on 07/14/2013 @ 09:00 AM

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Matthew Leightman and Bruce Margoshes here.

It's been a crazy 18 days here at Camp Perlman. For many, it seemed as if ILTC was a continuation of CLTC last summer, but for others this was the first summer experience with BBYO.

Teens came from all over the United States and even Canada and Bulgaria. Despite the diversity of the attendees, everyone managed to bond into one cohesive unit. The days have been packed with time for learning in blueprints as well as time for enrichment and fun.

Every night after dinner there was some form of evening program such as a speaker, a hypnotist, or a program planned by either a committee of teens or the madrichim.

Matt: My personal favorite program was the first program planned by the madrichim. On the fourth day of ILTC, I was instructed to wear something to the evening program that I didn't mind never wearing again, with no further instruction.

A few hours later, 110 Alephs (male teens) sat in a room listening to an introduction about the Arab-Israeli 6 Day War. We found out that we would be recreating the war via a paint-war version of capture the flag. We were divided into two sides of the main field and pandemonium ensued.

We ran, we cheered, we shouted, and we flung paint at each other like the freedom of our country depended on it! I won't forget that program for a very long time. It was truly my highlight of ILTC.

Bruce: My favorite of ILTC was snack every night. When I got snack after the evening program, I would reflect on the day's events and be thankful for each day here at ILTC.

We hoped you enjoyed reading our work and the work of the rest of the Media Team.

That's it for ILTC 2013 - till next time!


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