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Post Color War Return to Normal, by Andrew A

Posted on 07/05/2011 @ 06:00 PM


Learning about religious freedom from other participants

Greetings from Camp Perlman! For all those keeping track back at home, we have just finished day 8. The day started off with breakfast, where the room was incredibly exhausted from yesterdays color war escapades. Shortly after breakfast, participants met up in their blueprint groups to learn how to plan meaningful events for their chapters and regions. The boys and girls then split up to make a BBYO bucket lists. These lists were done reflecting back on our experiences in BBYO, with both our past and future in mind. The ultimate goal was to see what our bucket list in BBYO would have been years ago given the knowledge we have now.

Pasta for lunch set the mood for the second half of the day. Creative arts rotations got us back into the creative planning and thinking mode. Leadership classes then continued, where the theme for the day was the elevator pitch. We were given 1-2 minutes, the time it takes to travel in an elevator, to sell BBYO and what it offers to someone completely new and to sell ourselves as leaders.

Bulgarian participants speaking on their BBYO experiences

Cheering on the yellow team

After dinner, we watched a few short videos featuring BBYO members from around the world and heard our Bulgarian participants speak on their experience with BBYO overseas. Then, everyone split up again by region and council and received a first hand look at the globalization of BBYO and how their regions can get involved with regions far away. To wrap up the night, the StandUp! committee held an event to help raise money for the StandUp! campaign, while the participants went through rotations to lean about religious freedom and what we can do to help promote it. Events included a soccer game, which used small trashcans as a goals. The ultimate message of the game was that you can fight and cause wars over religion all you want, but all you are doing is wasting time (the soccer ball didn't actually fit into the goal, so even if a team did somehow manage the near impossible task of scoring a goal, they still ended in a stalemate). Overall, the day was amazing and everyone can't wait until tomorrow!

Written by Andrew Arbogast, Eastern Region

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