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ILTC Roundup

By ILTC 2010 Bloggers on 07/02/2010 @ 04:10 PM



Welcome to the ILTC 2010 blog! This will be updated by the members of the Blog Creative Arts Group: Gabe Aptekar, Brian Blanco, Kristen Cabrera, Ian Donnelly, Raymond Eisenman, Robert Fertig, Abigail Koffler, Samantha Metz, Kat Salz, and their Madricha, Morgan Finkelstein. We hope you stick with us as we update you on the goings-on at Perlman in Lake Como!

Dorm Unity Now More Popular Than Being A Loner
At ILTC, the dorms are definitely becoming closer as the days go by.
Dorm 9 choses to stand up for different causes every day. Today: fraternal twins. Yesterday: the new Cleveland Cavaliers coach, Byron Scott.
Dorm 8 dressed in their best for breakfast as they acted as the day's Hagasha, or waiters.
Dorm 7 knows how to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... 23... 7!!
Dorm 5 is the dorm 5 tribe.
Dorm 4 serenaded the dining hall with their version of "Dynamite."
Dorm 3 wamts everyone to know that they are pretty, cool, and have spunk.
Dorm 2 kept it chill with "peace up, dos down!"
Dorm 1 had a FIESTA! ayayayi!

ILTC Participants Are Not Taking This Sitting Down
On July 1, ILTC participants were rarely seen sitting down. Instead they stood up, showing their support for a variety of causes ranging from Breast Cancer, HOmelessness, and the Environment. In addition to rotations with guests from nonprofits, mock regions and groups of friends chose causes for which to stand up. For example, 5 Alephs committed to raise $1000 for breast cancer during ILTC. The reward for success: the two coordinators, Josh and Mara, agreed to dye their hair pink.

Forget Toy Story, It's All About ILTC Stories
Jordan Hill, a professional storyteller, came to teach us the art of storytelling. He told us about the Ba'al Shem Tov and his ability to save children from werewolves. Twilight much? We did many storytelling exercises, such a speaking gibberish to learn how to buy into stories. Thus, we learned that gibberish is the key to leadership... or something like that.


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