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Just Getting Started

Posted on 06/29/2015 @ 11:02 PM

I can’t think of any other program that is similar to ILTC. The hard work and love that has been put into planning this ILTC is what has made it such a unique experience. I've been learning a lot in my Blueprint training sessions. Along with many other participants, I am now understanding how important the lesson we learned at CLTC – begin with the end in mind – is applicable to strengthening my chapter and region. Our Blueprint staff have been incredibly inspiring and have made me extremely interested in the content we are learning about. More than learning to be a leader in BBYO, we are learning how to be a leader and change agent in the greater community.

Last night, Tiffany Shlain, American filmmaker, author, and public speaker, presented to our group. Her inspiring story about following a passion and chasing after her dreams resonated with the aspiring global leaders at ILTC. One fascinating piece from her story was about her "technology shabbats." For six years now, Shlain has completely disconnected from technology on Shabbat with her family. Hearing how every member of her family is able to be fully present was truly powerful, especially since we are encouraged to disconnect during Shabbat at camp. It was nice to hear that you can do something like this without being at a place like Perlman. I'm very excited to see what else ILTC has in store for me.

Arielle Sabot, New England Region #18, Ariel Ometz BBYO #5389


Shavuah Tov from ILTC

Posted on 06/28/2015 @ 10:45 PM

ILTC is in full swing, and we could not be happier to finally have all 250 leaders from around the world at Perlman Camp for the next two weeks. The teens arrived on Thursday and were reunited with old and new friends from BBYO. After the teens moved into their dorms, Jake Nitzkin and Roni Rose, the ILTC 2015 Coordinators and International Mazkirim, opened the program. The teens participated in an exciting opening event getting to know each other through making individualized cupcakes and Rikkudim (Israeli dancing). Everyone went to bed energized and ready for the next two weeks.

On Friday, we started our morning with a beautiful Shacharit service. The participants began to learn about how they can find their own way to pray through BBYO's pluralistic model. At ILTC, teens can choose between four different siddurim and will be shown different ways of connecting to prayer.

The day included a lot of introductions – the teens started their first Blueprint leadership training session and learned about their Jewish learning and speciality opportunities. In the afternoon, everyone was paired with a big or a little to begin a program modeling the roles of having a big or little brother or sister in a BBYO chapter.

As the sun set, the cameras came out for many pre-Shabbat photos and we had a ceremony celebrating the new wooden menorah built by the Madrichim in the large quad. We shared a powerful Shabbat with singing, dancing, and lots of eating.

Today, the teens began the day with morning prayer and a plethora of Shabbat electives ranging from topics about Tikkun Olam to Jewish life in college. And after an afternoon of rest, we are re-energized for the exciting week ahead.

Stay tuned for more blog posts sharing personal experiences form ILTC participants.

Shavuah tov!


ILTC 2015 Blog Updates Coming Soon!

Posted on 03/25/2015 @ 02:42 PM

We’re pumped for ILTC 2015, and hope you are, too! Check back here once the program starts for live updates all session long!


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