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First Day of ILTC

Posted on 06/29/2011 @ 06:10 PM


ILTC participants have finally arrived at Perlman! Participants were given their binders, which contain important information about the next two weeks, including a rules outline, general camp info, a map of camp, and a letter from Jason and Sharon, our teen coordinators. As they registered, their bags were brought to their dorms and teens unpacked.

Following dinner, Jason and Sharon presented the participants with a rules rap and introduced all of the staff members. The teens were then broken up into icebreaker groups, where they got to know some of their fellow ILTC teens a little better. The groups then split again, and each group was given a large piece of banner paper with a date on it. Each date corresponded to a significant date in BBYO past, present, or the future of BBYO. Some dates included the founding of AZA, the first move to Camp Perlman, the start of ILTC 2011 and what BBYO will be like in 2100. The teens were given finger paint, and painted what they thought would represent that year.


Dance session!

With Louvre quality art completed, a song and dance session started. Our dance leaders got up on stage and went through several known dances, such as Velero and Ani Osa Li, as well as some Israeli songs and dances. Due to a rainstorm and participant enjoyment, the song and dance session continued until the thunderstorms let up enough to head back to the dorms. When everyone was dry and set up in their dorms, each Madrich (counselor) ran a dorm icebreaker and set up the rules from the dorm. And with that, the first day at ILTC came to a close.

Look forward to our next post which will include information about our Blueprint Meetings, Jewish Heroes, Leadership 202, and the Kosher Hypnotist.


Icebreaker Groups


Finger Painting


Rules Rap


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